Aaron Judge, Yankees Teammates Slam Beers At Rangers Game

When Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge isn't slamming baseballs, he's slamming beers. At least that was the case on Thursday evening when Judge, along with fellow Yanks Anthony Rizzo and DJ LeMahieu, each sucked down a cold one in an effort to rile up the home crowd.

The Bronx Boozers were featured live on an in-arena video with just under 13 minutes remaining in the second period and the home team ahead of Pittsburgh 2-1. It took each of the three Yankees less than 10 seconds to put away the suds. But don't go handing them any chugging trophies just yet.

After further review, their cups had barely more liquid than an early morning cap full of mouthwash. For three major leaguers, their drinking game appears to be Bush league.

See the evidence for yourselves in the video below.

If you're scoring at home, Rizzo had the most impressive night. The first baseman's cup was at least as full as Judge's, if not more, and clearly held more liquid than LeMahieu's scooner. Despite handling the most brew, Rizzo emptied his cup fastest, clocking in at approximately 3 seconds from start to finish.

Moments later LeMahieu finished a close second. He was followed by Judge, a giant of a man, who came up shockingly short inside The Garden. As the teammates cleansed their palates, New York's crowd roared with approval. Had they seen the replay, they likely wouldn't have been as enthused or impressed.

Regardless, this should at least help the Rangers faithful eek their way out of the NHL's booze-infused basement. On Thursday it was reported that fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs consume the most alcohol per game, while Rangers supporters rank dead last.

Following the Yankee-themed chug-a-lug, the Rangers scored another three goals while the Penguins could muster just one more.

When you booze - you lose, isn't always the case.

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