MLB Relocating All-Star Game To Denver’s Coors Field

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Major League Baseball has selected a new location for its All-Star Game after pulling it from the state of Georgia over the weekend. According to AP Sports, the game is being moved to Coors Field in Denver, the home of the Colorado Rockies.

Many assume Colorado would be a suitable location. I mean, the voting laws there have to be significantly better than the ones in Georgia, right? Otherwise, why would the MLB make this sort of move?

There are similarities in the voting laws of the two states, but there are some differences as well. In fact, Denver might be more restrictive with its voting laws than Georgia. Greg Price pointed some of those similarities and differences out on Twitter following the news.

“MLB is moving the allstar game to Colorado, which requires photo ID to vote in person, requires signature verification for mail in ballots (which Georgia got rid of), and prevents campaign workers from giving food/water to voters within 100 ft if they’re wearing campaign apparel,” Price tweeted.

Like Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said on OutKick the Coverage on Monday, this move was never really about voting laws. It was about the political pressure coming from various activist groups and others, and the MLB folded under that pressure.

Since the MLB hasn’t yet made this move to Denver official, it’s entirely possible that they leaked the news to get a gauge of public reaction before making a final decision. That’s not a guarantee, but considering the league’s fearful state, it wouldn’t be shocking.

Expect the news to be announced sometime on Tuesday.

If it becomes official, it will be the first time since 1998 that Denver has hosted the MLB All-Star Game.

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  1. Whatever voice, protest or any way to let MLB know many of us vehemently oppose them adopting the NBA model of dealing with social media and SJW punks I am onboard. I LOVE baseball man…I used to love the NBA but I have cut them out permanently since last year…but I will cut off MLB as well if that is my only real platform of making it known how displeased I am. For the last time, Capitalism works, Marxism does not. MLB prospers due to Capitalism. If you want to adopt the BLM/Neo-Marxists/Democratic party ideology, then do it. But 90% or more of your revenue would need to be diverted elsewhere so good luck getting that by the players union. Pick a side you dickheads!

    • Don – We are leaving MLB. We are currently working with the Texas Rangers to sell our tickets back to them. I am not expecting much but a lame answer about how it is against our policy but it provides me an opportunity to provide feedback as a customer directly into the organization. We are taking our business away from any sponsor of MLB as well. We have changed all direct billing of utilities and monthly bills away from American Express. Money talks in this battle and nothing else. MLB is a brave SJW now but if the revenues start to shrink the owners will be all over the league office. Anyone that votes to fund a new MLB stadium during this time is a fool. Let them move to Portland.

  2. why can’t the players host their own all star game somewhere like Maryland, where you don’t need an ID and you can register and vote in multiple counties. yup. its true.

    take your all star game there, where the state is still closed. and stupid.

  3. This whole thing is so stupid. What really irks me is that I don’t think the majority of players or owners wanted to do this. It seems like it was a Manfred/Tony Clark deal with little input from anyone else. Tony Clark has been garbage as the union leader, with almost no actual accomplishments.

    Giving up basketball was easy since I didn’t really watch it anyway. The NFL was a bit harder, but I didn’t really miss it either. I absolutely love baseball though. My kids love baseball. I’m in a bunch of high dollar fantasy leagues. The whole thing sucks.

  4. We officially live in an oligarchy, and boy are they flexing on our leaders. At least Kemp stuck to his guns rather than completely surrender without a fight like Noem. Still, I think we all know who our elected leaders report to, sadly, and it’s not the American people. Follow the money.

  5. The media will give MLB a pass on the details and just focus on Georgia. Lets face it. The last year of covid news coverage on New York vs Florida shows how blatantly deceitful the media has become.

    What will get little mention,
    1. Paul Manfred August golf club membership
    2. Colorado voter ID laws.
    3. Colorado restricts water 100 feet from voting booth vs Georgia 150 feet.

    • Yep. Voter laws in Colorado include ID, Delta requires ID, Coca-Cola requires ID for special meetings, and MLB requires ID to pick up tickets. This move was lunacy for no other reason than being spineless. No way hypocrite Manfred cancels his Augusta National GC membership.

  6. Please don’t play their games with words.
    If you’re going to use words like restrictive and better, please put them in quotes to indicate that is the left’s bullshit claim about laws intended to enhance election integrity.
    See, it’s not hard.
    The Democrats and their MLB stooges (sports and entertainment stooges, actually) are mad because election laws such as Georgia’s make voting easier but CHEATING harder.
    We are living in the least honorable time in American history, across the citizenry as a whole, yet the left claims to want a pure, old-fashioned, Judeo-Christian values-based honor system of voting. Right.
    Because they’re liars and authoritarians clawing for power. They even resort to racism in claiming people of certain colors are incompetent at obtaining IDs, and their herd voters let them get away with that slander.
    They must be told no at every turn like the wilding children they are.

  7. This is the classical art of “telling the big lie”. They say it and repeat it over and over again until the public believes it to be true. Eventually a child yells that the “emperor has no clothes” and everyone opens their eyes. The left hopes it will take too long for anyone to notice and their damage will be done. I read the Georgia law and it is reasonable. If I get on a plane, buy sudafed at the pharmacy or try to enter the United States Capitol I have to show an I.D. What we had with this last election was the big lie of an “emergency situation” due to covid. The Democrats saw what they were able to do with mail in voting with no verification and they saw the light for upcoming elections. Every corporation is shaking in their boots for fear of a boycott. This Georgia debate on voting laws is just the start of their campaign. Everything is racial and everything is about white supremacy. God help us if we do not stop these race baiting idiots.

    • Couldn’t hurt…it’s better than trying to get people to vote for you through fearporn and by making the other guy look like Satan incarnate who unleashed a virus just to kill your grandmother.

  8. Classic left wing politics. Having been to both of these great cities I’d be willing to wager there are more blacks and minorities that would have benefited from the All Star game had it been held in Atlanta over Denver.

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