Fun-Hating MLB Umpire Mercilessly Booed By Yankees Fans For Popping Balloon, Immediately Blows Strike Three Call

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MLB umpire Laz Diaz was not well received by Yankees fans on Opening Day on Thursday in the Bronx. Although New York came out on top, and Diaz had a decent day behind the dish, he was mercilessly booed for hating fun.

As Josh Donaldson stepped into the box with two strikes and two outs in the bottom of the sixth inning, a light blue balloon made its way to the plate. The origin of the balloon is unknown, and the message written on the balloon was unclear.

It didn’t matter. Diaz was having none of it. He picked up the balloon, turned toward the dugout and it a strong squeeze.

POP! Down went the balloon. RIP in peace.

Although there wasn’t really an alternative for how Diaz could have handled the rogue balloon, Yankees fans were unimpressed. They booed him into oblivion.

To make matters exponentially worse, Donaldson stepped back into the box and took a pitch down and away for ball two. Except it wasn’t ball two.

Diaz rang him up, even though it, objectively, should not have been called a strike. It was a ball.

The sequence couldn’t have gone any worse for Diaz, who not only turned the Bleacher Creatures against him on the first day of the season with his balloon pop, but turned right back around and took down one of their own on a pitch that wasn’t particularly close. You simply hate to see it.

Fortunately for Diaz, the call was not crucial. Yankees fans were able to move on quickly from the blunder as their team went on to shutout the Giants 5-0 to move to 1-0.

The balloon pop, though, will not soon be forgotten in New York. Diaz will NEVER be forgiven for his (fairly reasonable) antics!

Written by Grayson Weir

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