Absurdity Of MLB Blackouts Exemplified By Game Unable To Be Aired Inside Stadium Where Game Was Played

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Major League Baseball wants more people to watch its games and have implemented new rules to speed up the length of nine innings in hopes of improving its product. However, the MLB has neglected one of its biggest issues — TV blackouts.

Unlike the NFL, which generally works to provide nationally televised games in relation to in-market audiences, professional baseball teams have their own regional networks that broadcast games. If you are not in the right market, it’s unlikely that you can get that game on your TV.

Cord-cutters within a certain market are often unable to stream games as well. It’s confusing and irritating for a lot of fans who are just trying to watch their team, which is ultimately what the MLB wants, but is limiting.

Here is what the MLB blackout map looked like in 2019. Considering that none of the teams have moved locations, it looks mostly the same in 2023.

Major League Baseball blackout map

There are a few notable markets that can make things especially frustrating. Take Illinois for example, which splits between the Cubs, Cardinals, White Sox and Brewers.

If you live in an area that gets St. Louis games, you can’t get either Chicago team. Same goes for Milwaukee.

That can create quite the conundrum for a Cubs or White Sox fan that lives in the wrong market. He or she might live more than half of a state closer to Chicago than St. Louis, but only get Cardinals games.

The absurdity was exemplified at Guaranteed Rate Field on Monday. The White Sox hosted the Giants for their home opener after three games on the road.

Despite the game being played inside the stadium, the stadium suffered from a blackout.

It could not air the game that was taking place on the field just a few hundred feet away.

How does that make sense? It doesn’t. The MLB wants to grow the game, but doesn’t put its product in a position to succeed. Guaranteed Rate Field’s blackout for its own game is the perfect example.

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