MLB Insider Suggests Cubs Prospect Should Be Charged With Attempted Murder For Ump Bat Attack

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MLB Insider® Hector Gomez didn’t mince words over what reportedly transpired Sunday on a diamond in the Dominican Republic where a Chicago Cubs prospect named Elvis Lebrón was arguing balls and strikes.

“Este señor debe ser expulsado de por vida de toda actividad deportiva y de recreación y, al mismo tiempo, debe ser sometido a la acción de la justicia por intento de homicidio,” Gomez tweeted, which Google translates to “This man must be expelled for life from all sports and recreational activities and, at the same time, must be brought to justice for attempted murder.”

As you can see in the video, LeBrón can be seen attacking the umpire with his bat, then returning to fire off his helmet before going back for yet another attack on the umpire. Gomez later tweeted that the Cubs have cut ties with the prospect.

“The aggressor, who has a history of violence on the pitch and in society, according to witnesses, was arrested by members of the city’s police. While the [umpire] continued the game, but an hour later he was taken to the San José hospital for evaluation,” Gomez wrote in another translated tweet.

If you think this is crazy, look at this softball fight that reportedly features Dominicans going nuts here in the U.S., according to media outlet Navas Mundial.

What seemed to be a friendly game turned into a “cockpit”. Last Sunday, a group of Dominicans living in the United States who were preparing to play softball made a “tremendous mess,” the site wrote on Instagram in a translated post.

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