MLB Extends Dodgers RHP Trevor Bauer’s Administrative Leave Through April 22

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MLB and the MLBPA have extended Dodgers RHP Trevor Bauer’s administration leave through April 22, per the New York Post’s Jon Heyman.

Bauer, 31, was first placed on paid leave for seven days on July 2, 2021, under MLB and the union’s joint domestic violence and sexual assault policy. He was placed on leave after a Southern California woman accused Bauer of choking her into unconsciousness, sodomizing her and punching her repeatedly without consent during two sexual encounters last year.

His stay on administrative leave has been extended multiple times since, most recently in late March. Bauer hasn’t pitched in an MLB game since June 29, 2021, now in year two of a three-year, $102 million contract that he signed last offseason.

The LA County District Attorney’s Office wrapped up its five-month review of the case in February and came to the conclusion that Bauer would not face any criminal charges in the county’s court system. Bauer can still be suspended by the league, even in the absence of charges.

After the ruling came in, Bauer posted a seven-minute video to YouTube and denied all of the allegations against him and blamed the media for not reporting on the subject in a matter that he deemed fair.

“I am not this person this woman, her lawyers, and certain members of the media have painted me to be,” Bauer said.

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    • I don’t think MLB does. They selectively do when it suits them as evidenced by these two juxtaposed cases. Bauer has not been charged with a crime. Ozuna was. Bauer isn’t playing, Ozuna is. As I snarkily hinted at above, Marcell Ozuna was witnessed BY POLICE choking his wife in a domestic assault last year, was arrested, and later the felony charges magically were lessened. He got off on some community service and “restorative justice” instead…for a felony assault. Yet here he is playing after actually committing a crime, while Trevor Bauer can’t play when a court has said he’s committed no crime because whatever weird thing he did was completely consensual with the woman. MLB is way worse in my opinion.

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