The Term ‘Mistress’ is Now Offensive and Sexist

The Associated Press has had enough of the word “mistress” and has warned everyone not to utter the now awful, sexist word.

In an update Tuesday, the AP demanded that we stop using the word “mistress,” claiming it is offensive and wrong. Instead, the AP says to call a woman who is in a long-term sexual relationship with a married man a “friend.”

How does “lover” change anything?

As for “friend,” divorcing someone over a “friend” seems like it could get confusing for the public, especially in celebrity divorces.

“What are you mad about? I told you I was hanging out with my ‘friend’ last night.”

The AP doesn’t have much credibility these days anyway. Last month, it warned staffers about the dangers of calling the migrant surge at the border a “crisis.” Hmm, so lie and say it isn’t a crisis, even though it is?

Nevertheless, I root for all marriages and hate to see a “friend” ruin one.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. The term “hobosexual” is now offensive and sexist.

    Don’t used the term “hobosexual” to describe a man in a long-term sexual relationship with a fat/ugly woman for the sole purpose of free food, housing, and Jordans. Instead, an alternatives like “financially disenfranchised” or “bum” on first reference.

  2. A “Friend?” Well, that’s not at all confusing.

    Yes, let’s protect the feelings of the woman who is voluntarily and willingly dating a man she knows to be married. Not that the dude in this is somehow off the hook, but seriously? Friend? Whatever happened to celebrating that WAP?

  3. this starts in colleges —> which now function as left wing seminaries.

    The lefts long campaign to change the meaning of terms / reality is accelerating. Commonly understood terms now changing at warp speed. Just look at what the left decided counts for “infrastructure” nowadays.

    and no they aren’t done. Much more gaslighting and manipulation to come.

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