Missouri Mayor Banned Children From Attending ‘A Drag Queen Christmas’ Show

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A Missouri mayor mirrored a drag show event’s performers and decided to show some balls.

Prior to Wednesday’s popular “A Drag Queen Christmas,” show, Chesterfield mayor Bob Nation instituted an age requirement. Attendees under the age of 18 were prohibited from attending.

Missouri’s Fox 2 News stated that mayor Nation cited violations of multiple local ordinances on what’s acceptable for minors as the reason for adding an age requirement to the drag show.

Do you hear that people? It’s the combined sound of common sense and balls dropping (though not on stage).

“In no way is this meant to disrespect or put down the LGBTQ+ community, or in no way is this meant to restrict drag shows,” Nation said, per Fox 2 News. “Those are legal entities, it’s just the content that we were told might occur.”

Chersterfield, Mo. mayor Bob Nation banned anyone under age 18 from attending “A Drag Queen Christmas.” Photo c/o dragfans.com.

The Drag Show Did Not Previously Have An Age Requirement

The decision to ban children from attending the event was made just hours prior to the show, which took place at Chesterfield’s The Factory entertainment venue.

“A Drag Queen Christmas” is in its eighth year. The show features contestants from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” intends to entertain and cheer people up during the holiday season.

But you already knew that, right?

To be clear, Nation himself didn’t impose the age requirement. Nation made a suggestion that was agreed upon and implemented by the drag show’s promotion. “We thought we should suggest limiting the age limit, and the promoters readily did that,” added Nation.

As is generally the case anytime grown men in dresses intend to dance in front of minors in public, the decision was met with controversy.

People on the both side of Nation’s decision protested outside The Factory before, during and after “A Drag Queen Christmas.”

One person was arrested, but it’s not clear if they were for or against the age restriction.

Drag Show Didn’t Appear Family-Friendly

Those arguing against Nation and the promotion’s decision have a tough sell on their hands. “A Drag Queen Christmas” features plenty of holiday nuts, gyrating and yule logs that most would agree isn’t appropriate for children.

See for yourselves. This isn’t exactly Kevin McCallister fighting off home intruders…

“A Drag Show Christmas” had an age restriction for Wednesday’s show.

“A Drag Queen Christmas” has 36 dates booked across the country. The drag shows commenced in mid-November and finish on December 29th in Clearwater, Florida. Thus far, Chesterfield mayor Bob Nation seems the only king amongst a traveling tour of queens.

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Written by Anthony Farris