College Cheerleader Ejected From Basketball Game After Bizarrely Walking Onto Court Mid-Game, Chirping Opponent

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Everything about Saturday’s basketball game between Mississippi Valley State and Alabama A&M was top-notch entertainment. Not only did the game come down to the final seconds, but a cheerleader was ejected and the broadcast booth could not have been more fun.

Andre Williams, a mass communications graduate student, was joined by Caleb Brunson. Brunson played five years as a defensive back for the Delta Devils football team.

The two of them together is as good as it gets in the Mississippi Valley State booth!

Brunson knows how to get his team and its fans hyped.

They were all over the hard-hitting analysis.

The back-and-forth matchup went down to the wire and Alabama A&M ultimately won on a buzzer-beater. Williams and Brunson were very much not excited.

After the buzzer sounded, they circled back with their best soundbite of the night.

“This is basketball!”

“Most definitely!”

Despite the loss, Williams and Brunson will be back!

Although the game went down to the wire, the highlight of the night came with just under three minutes left when a Delta Devils cheerleader was ejected from the contest. Her removal stemmed from multiple incidents in which she was getting in the way, but culminated with a bizarre decision to actually walk out and address an opponent, on the court, mid-game.

The cheerleader made her way from behind the baseline all the way out to the middle of the key and had some choice words for an Alabama A&M player. She also appeared to touch him on the arm.

At that point, the authorities that be chose to have her escorted out by a team of security. The cheerleader went gracefully, but it was quite the scene.

Williams and Brunson were thoroughly entertained!

What a night on the Mississippi Delta. Brunson and Williams got to call a classic in more ways than one. It’s just a shame that it didn’t go their way!

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