Mississippi State HC Mike Leach Wants To See Your Treehouse

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Let’s be real, it’s not unusual for a male on a college campus to solicit pics from any woman willing to send them. What is a little more unorthodox is a head football coach asking for captured beauty to be sent his way, even if the “captured beauty” is of a different variety.

But the cargo short-wearing head coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs Mike Leach has never been orthodox. If you hear chants of “show your trees, show your trees, show your trees,” around the MSU campus, it’s not an over-served group of frat boys confusing anatomy with botany.  It’s just Leach being Leach.

In the least salacious and scandalous version of a middle-aged male asking for pics and location over the internet, Leach was recently smitten by some treehouses and just wants to see more.

“I recently drove through Heber, Utah. That town had more treehouses than any town that I have ever seen, in a small radius,” Leach tweeted Monday. “Send pictures of treehouses near you. Include the location.”

I don’t know what we’ve done to be gifted with Leach, but my God, we’re not worthy!

Last fall, a highly-talented writer, with the physique of an All-Pro linebacker, the charm of an energetic pediatrician and the heart of Tim Tebow, labeled Leach “equal parts national treasure and content machine,” and dammit, he was right — get that guy a raise!

In the last six months, Leach, 61, has blessed us with his thoughts on Halloween candy corn, broken down his own dance moves like an opponent’s red zone play, and taught us all that pockets are the key reason to wear cargo shorts.

“You can stick a sandwich in there,” he, in his unfailing wisdom, observed.

And now — treehouses!

Screw the jelly of the month club, Leach is really the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

Fortunately for Coach, a few Twitter users scratched his itch and provided him with the pics he so desired.

Let this be a reminder to the coeds walking the MSU campus. If a grey haired man in a pair of cargo shorts is overheard shouting “nice stems” in your direction, there’s no need need to report him. He’s talking to the nearby trees.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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