Mike Leach’s Crusade Against Candy Corn Continues

Shortly after his Bulldogs chewed up and spit out Vanderbilt, Mississippi State coach Mike Leach turned his attention towards a tastier option: Halloween candy. Leach, equal parts national treasure and content machine, blew up social media late Saturday afternoon when he rattled off his favorite treats like they were five-star recruits, before cutting one Halloween favorite like a wanna-be walk-on.

“I hate candy corn. I mean, I completely hate candy corn,” Leach told SEC Network’s Alyssa Lang.

Fightin’ words just days before the yellow, orange and white candies make their way into countless treat bags across the country, but Leach stands by them.

Tuesday morning Leach was asked whether candy corn deserves a second chance. Leach, never one to mince words, was emphatic.

“No, I do not. I do not. That’s been carefully researched since I was a child starting at approximately, I’m gonna say three” replied Leach. “Although it did have some brighter points in my life, in particular when I was young…you know, the type of thing where it gets all over your hands and face…

“Before long though, I realized that that was a grave error and there’s far better ahead than candy corn.”

Leach, whose Bulldogs enter the weekend with a 4-3 record, seems unlikely to request candy corn with the team meal ahead of MSU’s home game with Kentucky on the eve of Halloween.

“I have no interest. It’s one of those items that, you know, there’s a reason they serve it basically once a year because it’s not very good to begin with,” Leach insisted.

Unlike candy corn, Coach Leach’s press conferences are a treat that everyone loves.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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