Mississippi Man Tried To Hide A Handgun In His Taco Bell Bag During Traffic Stop

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A Mississippi man attempted the old handgun in the quesadilla wrapper trick last week during a traffic stop. As you can probably gather, it didn’t work. The handgun wasn’t the only thing found by police.

Officers from the Picayune Police Department stopped a vehicle driven by Olivia Neff for a traffic violation. During the stop, her passenger Devin Mitchell concealed a handgun. He attempted to hide it inside of a folded quesadilla in a Taco Bell bag.

Handgun In His Taco Bell Bag
Credit: The Picayune Police Department

Officers conducted a probably cause search of the vehicle. In addition to finding the handgun in the Taco Bell bag, they recovered a large quantity of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

The amount of drugs found in the vehicle was described as a “distribution amount” of both methamphetamine and liquid heroin. Not the kinds of substances you want a bad driver to be transporting.

Mitchell, who not surprisingly has had other run-ins with the law, faces multiple charges stemming from his arrest. Those charges include possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute while in possession of a firearm and tampering with physical evidence.

Possession of of weapon by felon and possession of paraphernalia were added for good measure. The driver was cited for disregard for a traffic device. She was released at the scene.

If Mitchell is released he might want to consider having someone else drive him to Taco Bell. The trip was obviously too big of a task for her to handle.

The Handgun In The Taco Bell Bag Trick Is Rare For A Reason

Despite the serious nature of the traffic stop, the police department reportedly joked about it on social media. They posted, “We’re afraid that quesadilla’s last beef has been ground.”

The picture of the handgun packed in with the quesadilla reveals what looks like some drug paraphernalia too. Did this dude think that the police wouldn’t search his Taco Bell bag or something?

No wonder he was driving around with someone who couldn’t make a run to Taco Bell without getting pulled over with drugs and guns in the car.

Written by Sean Joseph

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