‘Miss World Cup’ Supporting Poland By Bouncing Around In Jump Rope Videos After Deciding To Skip The Tournament

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Model Marta Barczok, who was nicknamed “Miss World Cup” after attending the World Cup in 2018, will not be in attendance at this year’s tournament. She decided to skip the tournament this year because of the host country’s track record with human rights.

The avid jump roper released a video last week with an explanation of her decision. Barczok jumps rope in the clip while listing the reasons she will not be making the trip to Qatar.

Barczok said, “After participating with great joy, pride and pleasure in the last 4 tournaments of the European and World Championships, the time has come for Qatar, a place where ”the national sport is camel riding”, human rights are not respected, people with football have as much in common as I do with the spaceship, all that matters is money and money.”

Miss World Cup Model Marta Barczok
“Miss World Cup” showing Poland support with jump rope videos (Image Credit: Marta Barczok/Instagram)

Poland’s hottest fan – another of one of her nicknames – continued her statement by saying, “I admire and respect all those who went despite everything and I will support our team with them.”

“I hesitated until the last moments, because football emotions often win over reason, but this time, apart from these emotions, there is nothing else to go there.”

Don’t worry. Skipping the World Cup this year doesn’t means she won’t be supporting Poland. She closed out her statement by making that clear.

“I support the white and red team to go as far as possible, today I combine my two passions – football and skipping rope,” she explained. “Today I am a skipping cheerleader and this is how I support our National Team this year. Go Poland!”

Miss World Cup Knows How To Support Her Team

Barczok, who now lives in London, is also keeping her eye on England as the World Cup plays out. She mentions one player in particular that she’ll be watching.

“I think England will be in the top four, you have a really great squad and of course Harry Kane, who in my opinion is one of the best striker in the world plays,” she said.

“I watch him live during Tottenham games, I support Spurs and I am on most of the home games.”

In the age of social media you don’t have to travel to the World Cup to uphold your duties as “Miss World Cup.” That can be accomplished with a simple cheerleading outfit, a jump rope, and a following over 560,000.

Barczok checks all of those boxes. Her show of support is working to. Poland defeated Saudi Arabia 2-0 on Saturday.

Jumping rope is a great way to stay in shape, feed the social media algorithm, and support your favorite soccer team.

Written by Sean Joseph

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