Miss Finland Contestant Kicked Out Of A Restaurant Because Of Her Revealing Top

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A former Miss Finland contestant says a night out with friends at a Helsinki restaurant came to an early end because of the top she was wearing. Her attire was deemed to be inappropriate after she was allowed into the establishment.

Erika Helin says she was asked to leave by a security guard after spending time at the bar. The 2018 Miss Finland contestant detailed the encounter in her Instagram Story. She was somewhat confused by the whole thing.

It all started when a security guard approached her at the bar. He told her she had to leave then proceeded to criticize her look. Erika said, “Unexpectedly, the jerk came to get me, told me that I had to leave, dragged me out of the bar.”

“Although I didn’t object in any way, and when I got there, loudly criticized my choice of outfit. He said that it was a K24 adult bar, referring to my top and something about not having to deal with them anymore.”

Erika went on to explain that the situation could have been avoided. She said, “Of course, I could have gotten another shirt from the store if it had been pointed out.

“In my opinion, it is contradictory to even take a customer in if the outfit is not suitable.”

She shared a few pictures of the look that got her kicked out. She wore a bralette with pink hearts on it with a miniskirt and high heels.

Miss Finland Contestant Erika Helin Kicked Out Of A Restaurant
Former Miss Finland contestant kicked out of a restaurant (Image Credit: Erika Helin/Instagram)

Former Miss Finland Contestant Turned OnlyFans Model

This doesn’t look like an outfit that would get you kicked out of a restaurant. Certainly not a restaurant that already let you through the doors. I’m on her side as far as that’s concerned. Once you’re in the door, and still wearing what was previously admitted, you shouldn’t be kicked out for your outfit.

Another confusing part of the story is all of the headlines referring to Erika as Miss Finland. She wasn’t actually crowned Miss Finland. She was a contestant in 2018 with Alina Voronkova being crowned that year.

Had she actually been a Miss Finland the red carpet would have rolled out for her. It’s unlikely she would have been shown the door.

Erika was awarded something called Miss Grand Finland in 2018. She went on to represent Finland in Miss Grand International that year. I didn’t do a ton of research on what that title means, but I can tell you it isn’t a title that any of the top three finalists for Miss Finland goes home with.

Erika’s an influencer and OnlyFans model these days. Having her name tied to Miss Finland four years after being a contestant has to be good for business.

Written by Sean Joseph

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