Minor League Baseball Team Shoots Off Fireworks Into Crowd

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A wild scene unfolded on Friday night in Madison, Alabama. The Rocket City Trash Pandas postgame fireworks show took an unexpected turn causing some fans to run for safety.

Video from the event shows several of the fireworks accidentally flying into the crowd. The Los Angeles Angels Double-A affiliate released a statement saying no fans were hurt in the mishap.

“On Friday night during the Trash Pandas postgame fireworks show, one firework unexpectedly ignited, causing it to veer off course,” the team said in a statement. “No fans were harmed, and the fireworks vendor adamantly expressed that this has never happened before in over 40 years of their experience.”

No fans were hurt, but not everyone escaped the incident without injury. A Trash Pandas employee was taken to the hospital with what was described as a “slight leg injury.”

The footage of the fireworks flying toward fans is wild.

Be prepared for anything when trash pandas are involved

Pyro Shows of Alabama, who put on the show, released a statement on Saturday following an investigation. The incident was blamed on the fireworks in question being inserted and secured incorrectly.

“After considerable investigation into the incident last night, we discovered that a particular product had been incorrectly inserted and secured into its holder,” the statement said. “During our continuing look at our procedures regarding the device, the supporting equipment and the technicians that use it, we are eliminating it from the show until that device and supporting procedures have been fully updated to assure providing safe shows for our customers.”

It’s not completely surprising that this happened at a Trash Pandas game is it? Sure, you don’t expect fireworks to be sent your way while enjoying a night at the ballpark.

But you have to expect the unexpected at Minor League Baseball games, especially when there are Trash Pandas involved. Keep your head on a swivel is all I’m saying. Anything can happen with Trash Pandas.

The fact that no fans were injured is a good thing, it sounds like they were fully alert of the situation.

Written by Sean Joseph

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