Marc-Andre Fleury Was Mic’d Up During Goalie Altercation, Incredible Audio Released

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Minnesota Wild goalie Marc-Andre Fleury was mic’d up when he nearly traded blows with Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington.

During a Wednesday night matchup, Binnington lost it after giving up a goal because he got clipped in his space. Honestly, it didn’t appear malicious. More accidental than anything, but that didn’t stop tempers from flaring.

Binnington wanted to have a go, and Fleury raced down the ice to get in on the action. Unfortunately, as documented by OutKick’s great Matt Reigle, the ref didn’t let the two goalies give fans a rare fight between men who guard the pipes.

Well, it turns out Marc-Andre Fleury was mic’d up during the altercation, and the audio is a MUST-LISTEN.

At one point, Fleury pleaded with the official to let the brawl happen because it would “get the crowd going a bit.”

Check out the video with the mic’d up audio below. It’s the definition of hockey porn.

Marc-Andre Fleury proves hockey players are just built differently.

There are only two sports where you know everyone involved is a tough dude. MMA and hockey. Weak guys can’t thrive in either.

Ja Morant and some other pro athletes might want to convince you they’re tough. Nobody buys it. Are there some hard guys in the NFL? Sure, but it’s not even close to being the same.

Marc-Andre Fleury tried to fight Jordan Binnington. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Dudes who play hockey literally skate around with narrow, sharp blades strapped to their feet and hit each other at incredibly high speeds. When that doesn’t get the job done, they magically all turn into boxers. Generally speaking, they also have a few screws loose.

How do we know that? Marc-Andre Fleury suggested throwing punches just because it would be something “fun” the crowd would enjoy. Imagine any diva in the NBA willing to take a right hook just to amp up the crowd. It would never happen.

Marc-Andre Fleury was mic’d up during altercation with Jordan Binnington. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Yet, Fleury was ready to give the fans a very rare sight: a goalie on goalie fight. It’s just a damn shame the ref had to play hero. Even without a massive fight, the audio was still incredible. Just an awesome moment for hockey fans everywhere.

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