Linesmen Rob America Of A Marc-Andre Fleury-Jordan Binnington Goalie Fight

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St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington demonstrated once again how he has the shortest fuse in the National Hockey League, and it nearly led to a fight with Marc-Andre Fleury.

But perhaps surprisingly, Fleury was the one who left his crease and made the 160-or-so foot journey down the ice.

Binnington wasn’t having the most fun night on Wednesday against the Minnesota Wild and after letting in his fifth goal of the contest, he blew a gasket.

Though in fairness, that shove from Ryan Harman didn’t help matters.

Binnington looking to mix things up isn’t a surprise, but Fleury hoofing it down the ice to help his boys is.

He’s not a fighter and hadn’t thrown hands in 22 years. Not since his days playing in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (which coincidentally just announced it plans to ban fighting).

Here it is, from Fleury’s days backstopping the Cape Breton Eagles.

He held his own, but there’s a reason he hasn’t been quick to jump into another tilt since Bush 43 was in office.

This Would’ve Been A Goalie Fight To Remember

The Wild are likely headed to the playoffs, so Fleury may have been doing some quick math in his head as to how much time he’d miss with a broken knuckle at this point in the year. Binnington wouldn’t have had those same concerns as the Blues are doomed to miss the playoffs.

We could’ve had one hell of a fight if those linesmen hadn’t stepped in and ruined it. Damn them for doing their job.

At least we got a good “Holy Jumpin’!” out of Darren Pang. That’s a decent consolation.

The Wild went on to win this one 8-5 (not a great night for the dudes with the masks) and I can assure you the Wild did not forget Jordan Binnington trying to pump up the crowd after letting in a go-ahead goal.

Alex Goligoski, the floor is yours.

Safe to say the Wild got the last laugh on this one.

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