TCU Education Catches Stray Shot As Minnesota Vikings Struggle To Figure Out Jellyfish Riddle

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One of the best parts of NFL training camp is the content that has nothing to do with football. The players are loose, they’re having fun being back on the field and their positivity often leads to hilarious moments during their downtime or after practice.

Enter the Minnesota Vikings‘ social media team and a tricky, but not especially difficult jellyfish riddle.

The Minnesota Vikings wrested with the riddle.
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Following practice earlier this week, players and coaches were tasked with trying to figure out the following brainteaser:

A group of jellyfish doubles in size every day. If it takes 90 days for them to cover the whole ocean, how long would it take for them to cover half of the ocean?

Mayhem ensued.

Think about the answer for a moment…




Keep thinking…




Got it?

The answer is 89. The jellyfish double in size every day and it took 90 days to cover the entire ocean. That means, if the group of jellyfish doubled to cover the entire ocean, it covered half of the ocean the day prior. Double half is a whole.

How did the Minnesota Vikings fare?

Outside linebacker Curtis Weaver chose not to answer the question. He offered a different perspective about of the ocean and our lack of information on its size instead.

One of his teammates walked up, read the question and walked away without even giving it a shot.

Running back Kene Nwangwu asked if Spongebob is involved. Mr. Squarepants is not.

Long snapper Andrew DePaola, a Rutgers alum, was the first to get it right. Shoutout Scarlet Knights and shoutout long snappers!

Andrew DePaola #42 of the Minnesota Vikings is a smart dude!
(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

Quarterback Nick Mullens, who attended Southern Miss, and one of the Minnesota staffers were up next. It took them a moment to think it through.

In the meantime, former Boise State running back Alexander Mattison guessed half of 90 at first. He was incorrect, but eventually landed on the right answer. Go Broncos!

Safety Jay Ward, out of LSU, chose to pass on the math.

Minnesota Vikings Safety Jay Ward was not having it.
(Photo by Nick Wosika/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Pat Jones, Mekhi Blackmon and Ivan Pace Jr. were baffled. Theo Jackson had no idea.

At that point, pass game specialist and game management coordinator Ryan Cordell stepped in to illuminate Mullens and his fellow staffer. Cordell got a Master’s degree at Notre Dame and solved the riddle on the first try.

His coaching counterpart did not get it before Cordell’s breakdown and threw shade at his TCU education. Tough scenes for the Horned Frogs.

Here is how it all went down:


A group of jellyfish doubles in size every day. If it takes 90 days for them to cover the whole ocean, how long would it take to cover half the ocean? #riddle #jellyfish #nfl

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Abeliene Christian and TCU did not come out on top, but it could have been worse. On the other hand, the Fighting Irish showed out!

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