Minneapolis Voters Reject Defunding And Dismantling Police

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The people of Minneapolis, MN have spoken and have overwhelmingly decided not to defund or dismantle their police department. On Tuesday, voters rejected the idea of defunding the police by a wide margin. The proposed charter amendment would’ve replaced the city’s police department with a new public safety agency, but 57% of voters were opposed to the change.

Had the amendment passed, the public safety agency, made up of mainly social workers, would’ve acted as the city’s only public form of safety. The vast majority of police officers would’ve lost their jobs or been reassigned and used on an “as-needed” basis only.

Additionally, minimum staffing requirements would’ve been nixed and the role of police chief would have been eliminated, as would the police department funding.

Following Thursday evening’s vote, Kevin Kevin Rofidal, a retired police officer from the Minneapolis area expressed happiness about the result, telling Fox News: “The people spoke, but also there’s people in the community that really stood up in front of this and I think it sent a message nationwide.”

Thursday’s results prove that even blue states stand firmly behind the boys in blue.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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