Mina Kimes, ESPN Colleagues Fall For Nick Adams’ Alpha Male Troll Job On Social Media

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ESPN personalities are feuding with Nick Adams, Alpha Male.

Wednesday, Adams fumed over ESPN for re-signing Mina Kimes to a $1.7 million a year contract. He prefers his sports talk to consist of “alpha males who go to Hooters.” Not folks like Kimes.

“Kimes has never played a down of football in her life, yet she will be paid $1.7 million a year to talk about it on woke ESPN,” posted Adams. “ESPN is no longer about sports, it’s about promoting equity among the genders!”

Kimes responded to Adams’ post with a video of herself punting a football. But her skills didn’t impress Adams. Again, he prefers sports to be left to the alphas:

And then came Ryan Clark, who must think Kimes is too weak to fight her own battles.

“Never knew an ‘Alpha Male’ that had to proclaim it his bio. Usually you can just tell by a Man’s actions, & from this one tweet alone I now know why you have to type it out,” Clark responded on X.

“It reminds you what you’ve always wanted but will never be! I take @minakimes over anybody you have!”

Always refreshing to see Ryan Clark, who refused to work with Sage Steele because her politics leaned to the right, inform the masses what it takes to be a real man.

However, Clark wasn’t alone in his defense of Kimes. ESPNers Field Yates, Laura Rutledge, and Dan Orlovsky also chimed in to defend Kimes against Adams.

Adams infuriated Kimes’ colleagues for questioning her value as an “NFL analyst.”

But here’s the best part: they fell for it.

Nick Adams is one of the funniest accounts on X. He created and plays a character that trolls overly emotional liberals.

And more often than not, they fall for his bit with outrage.

Perhaps Ryan Glasspiegel from the New York Post described Adams best:

“Nick Adams, an Australian-born, conservative-leaning author and vlogger who is playing a character that is an amplified version of himself, often touting masculinity, and never breaks character.”

Adams is a more conservative version of Barstool’s PFT Commenter.

Earlier this year, Adams “got” golf influencer Paige Spiranac after he complained that women were “clogging up” golf courses, making it harder for alpha males to enjoy “threesomes with the boys.”

Yet unlike Kimes and Clark, Spiranac eventually had fun with the bit:

The list of sanctimonious sports pundits who’ve fallen for Adams includes Rich Eisen (and his few viewers), Trey Wingo, and Jemele Hill.

Adams has fun on the internet. The cool kids table in sports media does not. They are too insecure.

And no one is more insecure than Mina Kimes. She has a history of posting screenshots from critics and highlighting no-name radio hosts who criticize her. She frequently portrays herself as a victimized female in sports, rallying the woke troops.

Adams hit a particular nerve because Kimes and her cohorts know she’s not worth $1.7 million a year.

Kimes is a role player. She’s not an “analyst;” she never played football. She checks off the requisite boxes, instead.

Kimes is an Asian woman who uses her platform to endorse Democrat candidates, like Karen Bass. And she makes around $2 million for being that.

One could argue Kimes should be able to handle critics and parody accounts in return. But evidently, her colleagues don’t think she can.

Anywho, Nick Adams is off to Hooters to celebrate his victory over Kimes and Clark:

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