Milwaukee Man Arrested For Suckin’ Down 10 Beers, Burglarizing Brewers Clubhouse & Ordering An Uber To Haul It All Home

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A Milwaukee man is making headlines — finally — after it’s been revealed he was arrested for pulling September burglary from the Milwaukee Brewers clubhouse at American Family Field, but this wasn’t just some random burglary.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Friday that 25-year-old Justin Bloedorn was officially charged in December for the September 8 heist after a Brewers doubleheader against the Giants. Investigators say Bloedorn sucked down “at least” ten beers before exiting the ballpark and blacking out in bushes just outside the stadium.

Police say at some point Bloedorn woke up and “walked up to the door of the stadium and began pulling on it until it opened.”

BINGO! It was time to go to work (allegedly).

Milwaukee police say 25-year-old Justin Bloedorn has been arrested for the September burglary at American Family Field. (Photo by MLB via Getty Images)

Once inside, Bloedorn headed for the Brew Crew clubhouse where he went to work stealing items out of the locker room.

Here’s what police say Bloedorn stole that night:

• Work backpack

• Laptop

• 2 iPods (it’s wild someone connected to a MLB team still has those laying around)

• A Walkman (why?)

• Two pairs of headphones

• A passport

• Two pairs of sunglasses

• Credit card

• Notebooks

• Calendars (why?)

• A jersey out of manager Craig Counsell’s office

• Counsell’s shaving kit

• A game-used hat & bat out of the equipment manager’s office

• 45th anniversary 1982 Brew Crew signed bat

• Replica World Series ring

• Keys to the Brewers Spring Training facility

You’re damn right that’s a big-time haul. Police claim it was such a haul that Bloedorn had to call an Uber to get it all home only to be ratted out by his roommmate. The roomie says Bloedorn disappeared after the 7th inning of the second game against the Giants and the next time he saw the guy he showed up with the Brewers goods.

Bloedorn faces up to 12 years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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