Milwaukee Brewers Fans Can’t Watch Impressive Opening Day Flyover On Account Of Closed Roof

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After beginning the 2023 Major League Baseball season with a three-game series on the road in Chicago, the Brewers returned home for the first time on Monday. As Milwaukee fans packed into American Family Field to celebrate the start of a new year with the home-opener, they were treated to an incredible flyover after the national anthem.

There was only one problem— nobody could see the it. Those inside, at least.

All of the fans that arrived to the ballpark in time for the pregame fanfare were unable to catch a glimpse of the jet as it made its way over the stadium. They could hear it, but they certainly couldn’t get a visual.

Why? Well, it is currently in the mid-50s with a chance of rain all afternoon in the capital city of Wisconsin. To avoid a rainout, and for simple comfort of the fans who don’t want to get rained on, the roof is closed.

While closing the roof isn’t a problem for baseball, it creates quite the conundrum for a flyover. Especially when the roof is not see-through.

Brewers fans couldn’t see the flyover through the roof.

There is a decent sized window on the first base line, but that’s about it in terms of views of the sky.

A B-1 Bomber from the 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota flew over American Family Field following the national anthem. It could not be seen from inside the stadium.

The flyover didn’t fall on deaf ears as the jet came roaring over the stadium, but it certainly fell on blind eyes because the roof was closed…

I am not an expert in the flyover department, but I, like you, have questions.

  • If the roof was going to be closed, could the Brewers not cancel the flyover ahead of time?
  • Did Milwaukee put down a nonrefundable deposit?
  • Are the jets booked that far in advance?
  • Who paid for the flyover that nobody saw?

However it came to be, the flyover was a swing and a miss. Hard to enjoy the visual of a jet flying over a stadium without being able to see the jet!

Written by Grayson Weir

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