Miller Lite Chose Activism Over Customer Base: Tomi Lahren

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School, sports, sitcoms, movies, Bud Light and now Miller Lite. Everything has gone woke which leads me to question, is there anything left for us normal people anymore? 

It’s time for Final Thoughts.

Now that conservatives – and really just normal non-woke people in general – have been screwed over by Bud Light, we have our eyes peeled for other brands who have decided to delve into liberal politics while happily running the risk of it pissing off their actual customers. 

Turns out, even before Bud Light committed their big DYLAN MULVANEY TRANSgression Miller Lite put out an ad that was apparently supposed to commemorate Women’s History Month but really, was just another cheap shot at straight men … again … the bulk of their actual customer base.

And while this Miller Lite ad is far less egregious than a biological man in a prom gown mocking actual women, it’s still not great. 

Drink it in. 

Look at this SH**! Wild. It’s time beer made it up to women. So today, Miller Lite is on a mission to clean up not just their SH**, but the whole beer industry’s SH**. Miller Lite has been scouring the internet for all this SH** and buying it back so that we can turn it into good SH** for women brewers. First, we turn the bad SH** into compost. Now, if you compost turns into beautiful fertilizer, that good SH** helps farmers grow quality hops, which is then donated to women brewers to make their own really good SH**. But there’s definitely more SH** out there in your attic, in the garage, in your parents basement. Send any SH** you got to Miller Lite and then turn that into good SH**too. So here’s to women because without us, there would be no beer.

Miller Lite ad

The plague of wokeism strikes again with Miller Lite

I’m a little heartbroken because Miller Lite is – or was – my beer of choice.

That being said, I’ll still take man-hating feminism over the trans propaganda and female mockery brought to us by the Bud Light/Mulvaney partnership. I mean, at least Miller Lite had the decency to use real women,  which leads me to believe they must be biologists….

Their ad is apparently supposed to serve as some kind of apology or reckoning for past advertisements featuring scantily-clad women – like somehow that’s offensive to women. 

While I don’t speak for all women, I can tell you seeing pretty women in beer ads doesn’t offend me. If your core base is straight men then featuring attractive women isn’t just expected, it’s business savvy. 

The messaging from the Left on this issue makes zero sense. It is logically bankrupt. 

The same group of people who applaud TRANS WOMEN in bikinis on the cover of Sports Illustrated, or Lizzo with her fat rolls hanging out ALSO IN A BIKINI on social media are offended by actual women with fit bodies posing in bikinis from the 1970s to date? 

If you’re fat in 2023 it’s aspirational, but if you were fit and pretty from 1975 till about 2020, you were being exploited?

And as far as I know, those women in the classic non-woke Miller Lite ads weren’t forced to do it. It wasn’t bikini and beer slave labor, folks!

Activists at work for Miller Lite

But Miller Lite knows that. This isn’t about that. This is about activists within the company who have taken it upon themselves to shame both the men AND women for preferring to look at swimsuit models in ads than whatever the hell the political point it is they are trying to make here. 

We, the consumer, don’t need butch women in ugly sweaters and overalls lecturing us about sexism or misogyny or feminism when we really just want to …I don’t know … drink a light beer at a ball game for crying out loud! 

We are sick and tired of this crap being shoved down our throats! Just ask Bud Light, they got the message loud and clear whether they want to do something about it or not. 

And though this Miller Lite feminist ad came out before execs saw the Bud Light fallout, that’s no excuse. You should know your customer base. 

Tomi Lahren is tired of companies like Miller Lite going woke.
Do you think Tomi Lahren will be seen modeling pride apparel? Tomi’s go-to beer Miller Lite didn’t value her as a customer when it went woke.

You think Target would have me, Tomi Lahren, modeling their line of pride apparel? 

Probably not. 

Miller Lite should’ve known better and if they didn’t, they better hire better starting now. 

And for the Liberals out there squawking about the ridiculousness of conservatives being offended by beer ads, let’s not forget y’all literally canceled syrup, rice and butter.

So get off your high horses. You invented cancel culture. We’re just following your lead. 

And those are my Final Thoughts. 

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Written by Tomi Lahren

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