MILFs, DILFs, NILFs And The Hilarious Apathy That Will Be Ignored In Joe Biden’s State Of The Union Address: Tomi Lahren

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Tomorrow night Joe’s teleprompter is gonna try to convince you everything is going great because the unemployment rate is low, but what he and his Teleprompter will fail to mention is the number of lazy asses who no longer choose to find work, much less work at all.

It’s time for Final Thoughts. 

The big game may be this weekend but if stuttering, lies, half-truths, and gaslighting behind a lectern is more your thing, tomorrow night’s State of the Union address will be your Super Bowl. 

But the American people have spoken — according to a poll from ABC — 40% of Americans say they are worse off financially than they were 2 years ago (yes under Trump) and that is the most NEGATIVE response to that question in nearly 40 years. 

Still, Joe — or more accurately the gen-z or millennial liberal arts major who wrote the speech — will spin the negatives, and there are a lot of them, into positives. 

Like, yes our border is wide open and millions of largely unvetted illegals from all corners of the globe are waltzing in to take advantage of taxpayers, but at least paper companies will benefit from the millions of extra mail-in ballots sure to be printed and sent out in future election cycles! 

President Joe Biden. (Getty Images)

Or, yes we still have an egg and baby formula shortage but at least blue states are alleviating some of the pressure and population by passing extreme unfettered abortion protections!

And when it comes to the multi-school bus size balloon elephant in the room, I’m sure Joe will tell us that what we saw in the sky over the weekend wasn’t the Chinese successfully entering our air space with a spying apparatus it was simply a free hot air balloon show sponsored by the CCP. 

And last but not least, when it comes to the economy, Joe will undoubtedly tout the low unemployment rate which sits at just about 3.4%- a 53-year low. 

Which is fantastic, it really is. UNLESS you take into account inflation rate and wage growth in comparison. 

PLUS this little fact nugget, the roughly 7.2 MILLION men in their prime working ages, between 25-54, that are simply NOT WORKING. 

They have simply decided that whole “working” thing is not for them. 

You’ve heard of MILFs, and DILFS, well these are the NILFS- the men NOT IN THE LABOR FORCE. 

As it sits now, there are about one and a half job to every one worker- way more jobs than people who WANT to fill them. 

More than 770,000 manufacturing jobs are open right now and these are high-paying jobs with many positions offering more than $30 an hour on average, so I don’t wanna hear liberals say it’s a pay thing. It’s not. It’s a freakin work ethic thing and how did we get here? 

Well part of the problem- as it always is- is government made. For 2 plus years federal and state governments passed out COVID checks and extended unemployment benefits- convincing many people it was their health and public safety DUTY to stay home and fear COVID. 

The government conditioned and incentivized laziness and now here we are.

But it’s also a culture problem. Americans- specifically pussified young men- don’t wanna do the dirty and dangerous jobs anymore. They wanna make TikTok videos and be influencers, or buy and sell bitcoins from the basement with a video game controller on their laps. 

As a society, we’ve taught young people that “work life balance” , heavy on the balance and light on the work, is the new “vibe.” 

We’ve also created a culture where employees now feel entitled to work from home on their own schedule in their pajamas- that might work for some professions but hint hint, not manufacturing and manual labor jobs that require real pants and shoes. 

So where do we go from here? How do we convince 7.2 million men in prime working age that EARNING a living is something that’s not only necessary, but something to be proud of? 

And more-so, how do we teach and convince younger generations that there are jobs worth doing that don’t involve selfies and virtual reality? 

Make America work again. 

Those are my Final Thoughts. From Nashville, God bless and take care.

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Written by Tomi Lahren

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