Miles Teller’s Wife Forced Him To Shave His Mustache After ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Finished Filming

Miles Teller’s wife wasn’t a fan of his mustache in “Top Gun: Maverick.”

Teller starred as Rooster in the highly-anticipated sequel to the legendary 1986 film “Top Gun,” and he had an impressive mustache the whole time.

Someone who wasn’t a fan of it? His wife Keleigh.

“My wife made me shave it immediately [after filming],” the Hollywood star explained to PEOPLE.

You can never knock a man for rocking a mustache. It takes a lot of confidence and spirit. Most people look like fools with a mustache.

Sorry, but it’s true. It’s just a fact of life, but Teller rocked it like a champion in “Top Gun: Maverick.” He had the exact vibe you want out of a Hollywood star playing a fighter jet pilot.

Sometimes, you just have to let a man live!

Miles Teller’s wife didn’t like his mustache. (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)

After all, “Top Gun: Maverick” has made more than $1.2 billion at the box office. Clearly, the people involved did something right.

Did the mustache play a big role? Hard to say, but we can’t rule it out.

Also, if you aren’t familiar with Teller’s wife Keleigh, go ahead and get introduced!

Written by David Hookstead

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