Bud Light’s Miles Teller Super Bowl Ad Features A Fate Worse Than Guantanamo Bay

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It’s time for Bud Light to go back to the drawing board after releasing its Super Bowl ad with Miles Teller.

Everyone knows the Super Bowl is the single best event for advertising. More than 100 million people will be watching, and a large chunk of them will only be watching for the commercials.

It’s a great chance to get your product in front of a ton of eyeballs, and if you do it correctly, it will pay off in a huge way.

However, Bud Light apparently decided it’s time for a rebrand and instead of going the wild and rowdy route, the popular beer brand dropped an ad with Teller and his wife Keleigh drinking Bud Light while dancing because they’re on hold.

No, I didn’t just make that up. That’s what Bud Light came up with for the Super Bowl.

This feels very off-brand for Bud Light.

When you think about Bud Light commercials, this definitely isn’t it. Bud Light ads are known for encouraging adventure and wildness.

The beer brand at one point literally had a popular “up for whatever” mentality. Does dancing with your wife while on hold embracing an “up for whatever” mindset? Not at all. That’s something people on their way to retirement might think is fun, but not your average Bud Light drinker.

When I think of Bud Light, I think of badass pro-America themes and ideas. When Bud Light hits your tongue, it immediately conjures up images of cruise missiles hitting terrorist targets, Osama Bin Laden getting shot (I actually celebrated that with a few Coors Banquets), women in bikinis playing beach volleyball, time with the boys after escaping your girlfriend, extreme adventures like whitewater rafting or hiking mountain in Montana and more stuff of that nature.

That’s the entire point of Bud Light. When it’s a Friday afternoon after a long day and you need to cut loose and debate every subject under the sun with your friends, you know what you ask the bartender for? An ice cold and crispy Bud Light. I’ve been drinking Bud Lights at the same spot for years in Washington D.C. with the boys, and that nothing is off limits. I’m not sure it’s an “up for whatever” mentality. However, it’s a lot closer to that than whatever this is from Miles Teller.

If you asked me the last thing I wanted to do with my afternoon, dancing while my significant other’s phone is on hold would be right at the top of the list.

There’s more enjoyable experiences offered to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay than waiting on hold. That’s a fate worse than anything the CIA could cook up for you.

Also, how did Miles Teller go from being a fighter jet pilot in “Top Gun: Maverick” to starring in an ad like this? If you’re going to hire Teller, you have to blow something up. Those are the rules.

Miles Teller stars in underwhelming Bud Light ad. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

Finally, I legit lost it laughing at this YouTube comment. This person claims they hadn’t drank a beer “since last year,” but this commercial was so epic they rushed out and bought a 12 pack. Clearly, the sarcasm is rich with this one.

People react to Bud Light’s Miles Teller Super Bowl commercial. (Credit: YouTube)

Written by David Hookstead

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