First Look: 2022 NFL Team Beer Cans Are Here, So The Season Can Officially Begin

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Football fans are more than ready to pop the top on the 2022 NFL season, and one beer brand is here to help.

Bud Light, the official beer sponsor of the National Football League, provided OutKick a first glimpse of its annual NFL team cans, which are being released today. And anyone who reads OutKick knows we never say no to a beer. Behold:

Twenty-four team cans, plus one featuring the NFL shield. (Courtesy of Bud Light)

The thought of football season kicking off and having NFL team cans getting frosty in the fridge … whew. Now, the 2016 cans will always be our favorite, but these ain’t bad. We’re admittedly a sucker for this kinda stuff. A few details about the 2022 release and more:

  • The 24 NFL team cans seen above will be available for purchase in the corresponding 24 cities, beginning today. The 25th can, featuring the NFL shield, will be available nationwide. All are limited edition.
  • What about the other eight teams not included? Those teams do not have deals with Anheuser-Busch and instead work with other beer conglomerates like Molson Coors (Miller Lite, Coors Light, etc.) and Constellation Brands (Pacifico, Modelo, etc.).
  • In addition to the NFL team cans, Bud Light also is launching its “Kickoff Beers” commercial today. It features tight ends Travis Kelce and George Kittle and the familiar Monday Night Football theme. Prepare to see it approximately 1,000 times between now and the end of Week 1 on Sept. 12

Beyond NFL Team Cans — Football Beers For Fans

Bud Light, of course, isn’t the only beer game in town. That’s where you come in. OutKick wants to know what you’ll be throwing back on Sundays this fall. Drop a comment below, hit us on Twitter or send an email and let us know.

For inspiration, here are a few of our football-inspired craft favorites from previous seasons:

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