Mike Tirico Bolting China Sooner Than Planned For Super Bowl Coverage

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NBC sportscaster Mike Tirico was expected to cover the Olympics in Beijing right up to the Super Bowl, returning to Los Angeles just before Sunday’s big game.

But those plans have changed, it seems. Now, Tirico is getting the heck out of China after Monday’s broadcast. Again, that’s earlier than was originally planned.

NBC cited a coordination issue, and that may actually be true. After all, this is the first time the network has ever hosted the Super Bowl smack dab in the middle of its Olympics coverage.

“Tirico originally was going to stay in China through Thursday, and then was scheduled to depart to Los Angeles for coverage of the Super Bowl,” Deadline reported. “After that coverage, Tirico will host the remainder of the Games from Stamford.”

Tirico is one of the few extremely likeable people left in the national sports broadcasting sphere, so it will be nice to have him offering early coverage of the Super Bowl. No one really seems to be watching the Olympics, anyway. Needless to say, China’s massive human rights injustices are overshadowing any enjoyment of the games.

And credit to for Tirico for pointing all of this out, as OutKick’s Bobby Burack wrote earlier this week.

“Tirico acknowledged that China is the ‘nation where COVID began,’ but yet it’s still hosting a celebrated global event,” Burack wrote. “He then detailed China’s treatment of Muslim Uyghurs, which includes forced labor, forced abortions, forced sterilizations and genocide.”

Tirico went on to say that “everything and everyone attached to these Games is facing questions.”

Unlike so many other mainstream media members, Tirico has at least been willing to acknowledge that China is guilty of some serious evil. Leaving there sooner is probably just Super by him.

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