Congressman Mocks John Cena With Chinese Dictatorship-Themed Shirt

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Congressman Mike Gallagher wore a shirt roasting John Cena for bowing down to the Chinese dictatorship.

Cena infamously issued a groveling apology to China and the CCP after having the audacity to call Taiwan a country.

The famous wrestler and actor issued an apology in Mandarin, and it looked like a hostage video. It’s just one of many examples of people in sports or entertainment bowing down to the CCP and groveling to stay in the good graces of the dictatorship in Beijing.

Mike Gallagher roasts John Cena during “Pat McAfee Show” appearance.

The Congressman from Wisconsin, who is the chairman of the House Select Committee on China, wore a shirt depicting Cena as dead CCP dictator Mao Zedong.

Moa led the Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward in China, which resulted in the deaths of around 40 million Chinese citizens.

Gallagher doesn’t appear to be a big John Cena fan.

It’s important to call out people who bow down to America’s enemies just so they can continue to enrich themselves.

Unfortunately, it’s something we see all the time. LeBron James has an opinion on just about everything the world, except the crimes of the Chinese dictatorship.

In fact, when Daryl Morey showed support for freedom-loving people in Hong Kong, LeBron decided it was a good time to take shots at the First Amendment.

Cowardly and disgusting.

John Cena is no different. He referred to Taiwan as a country and instead of refusing to bow to the CCP, he hit his knees groveling like a cheating spouse.

It’s pathetic what some people will do to maintain their access to China. Have a spine. Show some courage.

John Cena issued a pathetic apology to China for referring to Taiwan as a country. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Props to Mike Gallagher for doing what many won’t: criticize China and mock those who bend the knee. America needs a little more of that energy.

Written by David Hookstead

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