History Proves Mike Florio Is a Fake Kaepernick Supporter

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There was a time when Mike Florio was not the most prominent supporter and defender of Colin Kaepernick. Florio didn’t always have a Kaepernick Fat-Head nailed to a wall inside ProFootballTalk HQ.

At one point, Florio was Kaepernick’s biggest critic.

Wednesday, Florio responded in glee to the news that the Las Vegas Raiders would try out Kaepernick. Here’s his tweet:

“Colin Kaepernick, with time to knock off the rust and prepare, would be better than any option the Seahawks, Panthers, and Texans currently have. He’d be better than any QB (sorry TuAnon) that the Dolphins currently have. He’d possibly win the job in Atlanta, too.”

Kaepernick must have greatly dazzled Florio during his stint in the NFL for him to believe that, after not playing a down since 2016, he could come in and outperform starting QBs like Davis Mills and Tua Tagovailoa.

Except, Kaepernick didn’t impress Florio as a QB. A guy called Ben Jammin on Twitter reminds us that Kaepernick’s poor play has long disgusted Florio:

Brian Moorman, rough.

So obviously only one thing can be true: Florio thinks Kaepernick’s phony activism has fixed his inability to throw an accurate football and read defenses. Right?

May I suggest Nathan Peterman put his preferred pronouns in his bio next? Using Florio’s logic, it’s Peterman’s only chance to revive his career.

Now back to reality.

Florio’s fandom for Kaepernick is a form of virtue signaling. He knows Kaepernick can’t play football at a high level. Kaepernick knows this as well. The last time Kaepernick played in the NFL, the 49ers benched him for Blaine Gabbert.

The lack of interest in Kaepernick has always been simple: his play on the field would not outweigh the negative distraction that he’d bring to a franchise.

If he were a better QB, teams would overlook his antics. Likewise, teams would have kept him around as a backup and possible starter had he not supported communism in Cuba and protested July 4.

In any business, your upside must outweigh your downside. If it does not, and Kaepernick’s does not, you are not worth employing.

Florio knows this. But he also knows that advocating for Kaepernick’s abilities is best for his social status in the sports media industry.

So if that requires pretending to believe Kaepernick is a starting-level QB in the NFL, Florio will do it.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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