Mike Eruzione, Captain For ‘Miracle on Ice,’ Calls Out Trans BMX Rider Threatening To Burn U.S. Flag

Mike Eruzione, remembered for scoring the game-winning goal against the Soviet Union to complete the “Miracle on Ice,” has called out U.S. trans BMX reserve for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics after making some inflammatory remarks about the American flag.

The trans athlete at play, Chelsea Wolfe, has voiced his intention to burn the American flag on the global stage, should the BMX rider get called up to represent the U.S.A.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Eruzione was candid about Wolfe’s comments upon first listening: “I actually couldn’t believe it. I mean, first of all, burning the American flag anywhere is disgusting.”

Mike Eruzione, who played for Team U.S.A. as the hockey team’s captain in the 1980 Winter Olympics, heard about Wolfe’s intention to burn the American on the global stage, first thinking they were told as a prank, then realizing that Wolfe’s beliefs did translate to an anti-American sentiment — based on a misguided narrative on trans rights.

The proud captain of America’s historic hockey team was disapproving of the remarks, calling out the hypocritical messaging as the nation nominated Wolfe, a trans athlete, to join its national team.

Wolfe is a reserve for the BMX team and has an opportunity to be the face of the nation during Tokyo’s events, so many Americans worry that Wolfe’s ideology and political rhetoric will condemn the U.S. in front of of global allies and opponents.

Wolfe previously deleted a Facebook post from March last year, whose message read: “My goal is to win the Olympics so I can burn a U.S. flag on the podium.”

Wolfe has spoken out to defend her stance. A known critic of Donald Trump, Wolfe’s commentary has been particularly volatile when threatening violence to President Trump over his stance to exclude biological male-to-female athletes from women’s athletics.

As for Eruzione’s interest in preserving America’s legacy on the world stage, you’ll never doubt which team he’s playing for …

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. This would be an excellent opportunity for some grandstanding to threaten USOC funding. Unfortunately, the Olympics peaked in 84, and began a gradual decline in relevance, to what will be a complete nose dive for Tokyo. NBC is going to have issues on attracting viewership starting with the time zone issue, a general lack of interest, add in the disenfranchisement of half the country by athletes who have nothing but contempt for the country they represent. Just like Hollywood devaluing their legacy franchises, sports will collapse on itself.

  2. I was 9-years old and VIVIDLY remember watching the USA vs Russia hockey game with my dad. We knew NOTHING about hockey since we lived ALABAMA!! I remember BOTH of us jumping on the sofa when the USA scored!

    Mike Eruzione instantly became one of my heroes! If Mike wants me to hold this little turd while he slashes this POS, I’m available… I’d literally fly to Japan to help.

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