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Do you guys care if the Pac-12 is dead?

Wasn’t this all inevitable when UCLA and USC decided to leave for the Big Ten? I found myself underwhelmed by the news this week that the Pac-12 was imploding and Florida State trustees are scrambling to find a taker as the ACC seems to be on the brink of implosion.

And I didn’t find myself shedding a tear over any of this.

For those of you who have rooting interests in certain teams that are facing uncertainty, I get that this would be a huge shock to the system, but I’m now to a point in my life where I’m just like, screw it, give me college football between September and January and I’ll find a way to enjoy life.

My hope and dream is that we end up with a European-tiered relegation system where schools have to win some huge game to move up to the top division. Imagine the emotions on a Saturday night with relegation on the line in College Station as LSU or Bama rolls into town and the home team needs a huge win to move up to the top tier.

Pump that into my veins.

Quick hitters:

• I have to laugh over headlines like this in 2023 from the Big Js and the Big J outlets. You think it’s dead? The conference lost the Los Angeles TV market to the Big Ten. What exactly could the Pac-12 commissioner offer to a TV outlet? What a quote from a Big J.

• Good for the Big 12 holding strong and saying f’it, we’re going to survive as best we can. In case you haven’t been paying attention, Cincinnati, Houston, BYU and UCF are joining the conference this season.

• J.J. McCarthy at Michigan with +2000 odds to win the Heisman seems worth a few bucks. He’s going to have stupid stats heading into the home game against Ohio State. Have you seen that schedule?

• Speaking of Michigan, will you subscribe to Peacock to get that Michigan-East Carolina game on opening weekend (Sept. 2)? That’s a hard pass.

• NBC is softening up consumers by offering many games on NBC and Peacock. How long until those are Peacock exclusives and you’re forced to buy the app? I’ll say 2024.

• Penn State-Michigan State from Ford Field on Black Friday night remains one of the biggest scheduling surprises of the year, but it’s brilliant. That’s an off-the-charts night for TV advertisers hitting the holiday shopping crowd. That’s actually a very smart move by the Big Ten and NBC.

• Lee Corso turns 88 next week and he is expected to return for another year of GameDay.

• This is the final year for the SEC on CBS contract. Enjoy it while it lasts. ESPN gets its hands on the deal starting in 2024. Now stop and think about what ESPN will look like — and who will own it — by 2025-26. We’re in for some wild times.

• This will be the first year when I’m comfortable having friends over to watch games in our basement. It’s been a long road. It’s a nice feeling to say “Come on over.”

Buckle up.

Late-night musings from a Screencaps HOFer

• Beau in Toledo is back with some thoughts on subjects. Remember, Beau emails are never edited for clarity and if I catch an editor touching his work of art, they will wish they hadn’t. This is a pure raw dawg email:

Starts: Dog Poop: Necessary Chore; kinda like diaper duty… byproduct of your own decision.  Great for mole control btw, but i think i’ve said that before… they( moles) hate the smell… bury it in the mole runs… but the clay-centric soil in Your region is not so mole-friendly, as far as i know, so You may not have moles like we do in the swampy areas of NorthWest Toodle-ee-doo… still applies to many other regions, tho… Also, acids liquids and solids from said puppers(depending on diet) will be factors in damage to grass and critter deterrent,so Ya might wanna look into that, before you start composting or Filling-Your-neighbor’s-cans-with Pupper-Poo…  You didn’t get that i dea from me, btw…

     Swiffer Dusters are the best… Just sayin’… even when detailing MommyVans…

     That windshield thing?  Buy this… (the wand-thing with the green fabric thing). 

     Sump-pump thing?  Bro, You win the Day by noticing that one… Well Done.  Also, it’s a Great Water Resource for droughts, imho… granted, recent rains alleviated that, but still… Mrs. Beau In Toledo has a house on a slab, and the condensate from the AC is purposely run into a bucket or 3, and that water is used for watering a small herb rack and other plants… Tell the hippies and lib-libs that I said to pound sand, regarding their “conservation” efforts…

     Anything Giada involved?  Yeah, that’s Hildeeee level stuff… I dare you to do it again.

     And since ‘Caps has seemed to have moved into the ‘grabs portion of the game, lemme add this nugget, from www.theblaze.com…

Female officer charged after allegedly exposing suspect’s penis, threatening to tase his ‘nuts’ during arrest – TheBlaze

     Yeah, he would have deserved it… too bad SHE got jacked by the lawyers…

     0600 is rolling in quickly… maybe more later… and it’s a 3-yard mow for #TNML tomorrow… Let’s Knock It Out!

Windshield cleaning advice

I was a little surprised to see how many of you had solutions ready to go. My favorite had to be from Bob L. in Massachusetts who owns a window cleaning business.

• Bob writes:

Home Depot Lowes or true value 

6″ wand and squeegee. Microfiber cloths

Blue Dawn dish detergent 

Use a little water put a few drops of dawn on the wand and wet the glass

Squeegee from right to left

Let dry then use microfiber to rub off streaks and lines and side excess 

Then wipe dash


This is why I get up and read the emails on a daily basis. There are no egos here. Bob didn’t call me a dummy for not knowing how the experts clean windshields. Yes, I could’ve googled a YouTube video. But now I have an interpersonal relationship with Bob instead of some guy like YouTube car detailing legend Pan the Organizer.

Give me Bob over YouTube superstars. Bob’s going to have thoughts on dozens of topics. Pan’s busy editing how to detail tires for the 800th time in his 20 year YouTube career.

Windshields and Yacht Rock

• Guy G. in western NY writes:

I can’t stand cleaning out the vehicles! My truck has never been detailed, or even run through the car wash. The wife’s Jeep does need to be done fairly often. No top or doors in the summer, creates all kinds of havoc on the windshield and dash. We have found ‘Windshield Wow’. Its magnetic, and cleans both sides of the windshield at the same time. Using it from the outside, allows you to not have to try and squeeze your hand into the pinch point. Detailing still sucks, but this helps.

For Tuesday night Yacht Rock! We have a bocce league that plays Tuesday nights. We just finished our regular season last night. We sync up the speakers, and push it into the backyard. It’s been great for the league, and seems to keep the children’s spirits up as well, as we haven’t had to shut down a night due to kids melting down, which has been done a number of times with other activities.

(And this gives me a reason to pull out the greens mower every day. Keeping the court short and smooth!)


That’s the power of Yacht Rock. The kids feel like they’re sailing away with Christopher Cross and all the stress of life leaves their little bodies.

Hey folks, try it. Guy G. is seeing results. Join the movement. I know some of the millennials laugh at such a thought, but the proof is in the results.

Is this a sign?

• Mike N. in Austin, TX noticed how Bud Light is getting one bay for its beer at Costco while Miller Lite looks to be moving more product. Color me shocked.

The Roosevelt Hotel and the migrants who are now camping out front

• Ridge Runner in Bethpage, TN writes:

Hey, Joe, read with interest your column about the immigrants in NYC staying at the Roosevelt Hotel on 35th and Madison.

I was involved with a music business conference at the Roosevelt for more than 10 years in the early 2000s, some wonderful memories of the event and some of our guests like Greg Allman, Neil Diamond, Ozzy Osbourne, Rush, Sir Elton, Lionel Richie, Gene Simmons, George Strait, Chris Cornell, Roger Waters, Kenny Chesney, Halsey, Trey Anastasio, Neil Schon, Perry Farrell and Jason Aldean (those last four all the same year, strange), among many others.

It was an elegant, classic NY hotel, more than 100 years old, with a beautiful (then) lobby and massive ballrooms. The Roosevelt also appeared in some great movies, like the ballroom where the “Greed is good” speech took place in Wall Street, and several Mad Men scenes. Before that, Guy Lombardo and his orchestra used to be like a house band, and many good times were had (well before my time) on New Year’s Eve in the lobby bar. Excellent Irish Pub just down the block, Eamons, where I quaffed many a cream ale.

To see what’s going at the Roosevelt now is sickening. I mean, sure, I may have passed out in the halls a couple times, but we treated the old girl, and her terrific, hard-working staff, with the respect they deserved. Those in there defiling the place now clearly don’t. It’s just sad. Here’s to the better days of the Roosevelt Hotel, may she find her glory again.

‘Saved my ass’

• John W. has some thoughts on vacation and basement water:

Was on vacation and one of these sensors sent a notification to my phone -they also beep – you name each one so I knew it was hot water heater. Sent friend over and he shut off water

I bought additional sensors for sinks. Use at hot water heater, main water line in, washing machine and kitchen sink.

Well worth investing in something like this.

Govee WiFi Water Sensor 3 Pack, Water Leak Detector 100dB Adjustable Alarm and App Alerts, Leak and Drip Alert with Email, Wireless Detector for Home, Basement (Not Support 5G WiFi)


I don’t care if it’s the 4th stringers, just sit and enjoy it on mute while listening to Yacht Rock on the patio

And as someone who has been to the HOF Game, I gotta say it’s actually an enjoyable experience. It’s almost impossible to not rub elbows with some HOFer as he’s walking around Tom Benson Stadium or whatever they’re calling that place these days.

Marino will be just standing around. You’ll see a guy like 55-year-old Aeneas Williams standing around looking like he could go run a 4.6 40. If you love football, give HOF Game weekend a try. Don’t sweat the game sucking. It’s background noise.

And just like that, I’m down to one more edition of Screencaps before I disappear for vacation.

Go have an incredible day. Go mow your grass. Go swim and watch the NFL game on your pool house TV. Live life. Turn up Yacht Rock.

Take care.

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