Mickey Mantle Jersey Could Become Most Expensive Ever

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The Mick is still shining.

The Yankees No. 7 great could be adding another win to his legendary career, but this time it’s not on the playing field.

According to Heritage Auctions, a game-worn 1958 home Mantle jersey could become the most expensive baseball jersey ever. Mantle wore the jersey multiple times throughout that season, including on Opening Day as well as that year’s Home Run Derby.

1958 Mickey Mantle jersey up for auction at Heritage Auctions (HA.com)
1958 Mickey Mantle jersey up for auction at Heritage Auctions (HA.com)


Already, the pinstriped jersey has reached $3.9 million with the buyer’s premium bid and it still has a week to go before the auction ends. But could it surpass Babe Ruth’s $5.64 million record-holding jersey? Chris Ivy, director of Heritage’s sports auctions, says never count the Mick out.

“That’s the million dollar question,” Ivy said in a phone interview on Friday. “I think it’s right at our estimate right now, but I know that we’ve got some pretty interested parties in this item.” Although he says the chances of breaking Babe Ruth… I mean we’re talking about BABE RUTH here may be on the lower side, he doesn’t count it out. “It certainly could happen.”

The sports memorabilia and sports collectible world is absolutely CRUSHING it. The Covid pandemic brought out people going thru their closets and finding old collectibles that turned out to be really valuable, as well as the rise of Goldin Auctions, Fanatics taking over Panini and exclusive memorabilia being available for the first time ever have all contributed to just the sports trading card industry making $637 million last year alone!

Mickey Mantle already holds the record for most expensive baseball card at $12.6 million. We’ll know in a week if he can do the same with his jersey.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman has been involved in the sports and media industry for over a decade. He’s also a risk taker - the first time he ever had sushi was from a Duane Reade in Penn Station in NYC.

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