Video Prior To Michigan State Football Melee Shows Wolverines Player Who Got Beat Up Skipping Jauntily Into Tunnel By Himself

Saturday’s game between Michigan and Michigan State ended in an ugly scene. As the athletes made their way off of the field and into the tunnel, a group of Spartans ganged up on one single opponent and viciously assaulted the Wolverines player.

Footage of the attack from others who were in the tunnel is rather violent. Multiple Michigan State players converged on the lone Michigan player, sophomore defensive back Ja’Den McBurrows and beat him up.

The Spartans shoved, hit and kicked him while he was on the ground. One player even used his helmet as a weapon.

Eventually, McBurrows got to his feet. At that point, he was pushed out into the hallway and was able to walk away under his own power, thankfully.

Following the terrible incident, Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel and deputy chief of University of Michigan police Melissa Overton spoke on the scene. They said that the matter would be handled by law enforcement.

Meanwhile, Michigan State athletics announced on Sunday night that four players involved in the melee will be suspended indefinitely. The investigation is ongoing.

Video from prior to the Michigan State tunnel brawl provides additional context.

This is not the first time that a fight has occurred at The Big House, though not nearly to this extreme. Michigan’s stadium famously has just one tunnel that leads to both the home and visitors locker room.

Players on both sides are forced to converge on the same tunnel during pregame, at halftime, and in postgame. As a result, there is a coordinated effort to make sure that each team enters and exits the tunnel separately. One team goes in/out first, and the other follows not long thereafter.

That was the case on Saturday. Video from prior to the tunnel brawl gives additional context.

Michigan State players, after losing the rivalry game, went first into the tunnel. Michigan players were held back.

As the two sides crossed in front of each other, there was a lot of jarring. However, there was a clear divide between the two teams. Coaches for both sides made sure that they were separated.

However, a few players crossed over team lines and McBurrows was one of them. No. 22 can be seen entering the tunnel first as McBurrows, defensive back German Green (No. 33), and a third player (on the left side) follow behind, along with the Spartans.

Green, who was minding his own business, looked back and saw that he was not with his team. The player on the left appears to dap up one of his opponents before turning back to join the other Wolverines.

Meanwhile, McBurrows skips jauntily past the Michigan State players on the right side, high fives a fan, and continues into the tunnel alone.

This does not put any blame on McBurrows. It does not make the postgame melee any less significant, dangerous or abhorrent. It certainly does not excuse the heinous acts of the Spartans.

Written by Grayson Weir

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