Jim Harbaugh Tells Michigan Players To Be A ‘Field Crop,’ And It Actually Makes Sense

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Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is not known for being short on words, and he apparently uses an analogy involving plants to motivate his team.

Harbaugh is coming off the two best years of his college coaching career. His brand has never been higher. In the past two seasons, he’s won two B1G titles, been to the CFP twice and is 2-0 against Ohio State.

Well, he also loves to throw out some truly awesome comparisons to his players, according to former Wolverine and NFL prospect Mike Morris.

Jim Harbaugh is a fan of crazy analogies. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Morris said the following on the Momentum podcast, according to On3.com:

Coach Harbaugh really doesn’t care about anything but football. Like, he cares about us as players, but if you’re not making the team better or doing anything to make the team better, you’re not really benefiting the team. He calls it a ‘houseplant.’ You know how house plants need to be catered to, you gotta put them in the sunlight, you have to fertilize it —  a nice, little, cute houseplant. He’s like, ‘If you’re a houseplant, you’re not good for the team, but if you’re a field crop, all you need is some rain, a little bit of water here and there, and you’re going to grow and flourish.’ So he’s like, ‘Always be field corn and never a houseplant.’

Jim Harbaugh remains an undefeated content machine.

It’s truly amazing the stuff fans hear about and see from Jim Harbaugh. I’m still not convinced Jim Harbaugh doesn’t realize he’s a famous football coach.

There’s an above zero chance the Michigan coach is just living in his own world without realizing fans around the country are watching.

We’re talking about a guy who goes on recruiting visits and decides to get in a quick pump while there.

Before you all laugh at his “field crop” comparison, it actually makes a lot of sense. You want some dudes who are dogs. Guys that just go out there and do their thing without any pomp and circumstance.

That’s what a field crop is. Cornfields aren’t pretty, but they get the job done. Those fields feed the nation. House plants wilt and die the moment they’re ignored. A house plant is a diva. You can’t have that in your locker room.

You need some dudes who are warriors through any storm that comes their way.

Jim Harbaugh has turned Michigan around. (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)

I wanted to make fun of Harbaugh so badly when I read this quote from Morris, but I just can’t. The analogy just makes way too much sense.

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