Michigan Gov. Whitmer’s Top Aide Defies Warnings, Vacations in Florida

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In a Friday press conference, Michigan’s Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said it’s “everybody against COVID” when asking schools to voluntarily close for two weeks, but it appears that does not apply to her top aide Tricia Foster.

“We all have to step up our game for the next two weeks,” she said in the Friday press conference.

Youth sports may not be able to meet, schools may be closing after spring break and Whitmer is asking the federal government for extra assistance but that didn’t stop Foster from traveling to Florida for spring break.

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Whitmer said high schools should shift to virtual learning, both school and non-school youth sports should be paused, people should choose outdoor dining or takeout instead of indoor seating, and they should avoid gathering with friends indoors to mitigate the rise in new cases.

Whitmer explained the situation in Michigan as less of a policy problem and more of a compliance and variant issue the state is facing.

“We’re making testing easier for spring break travelers with 56 pop-up sites statewide as part of a special testing program,” she said in the Friday news conference but the state’s chief medical executive said the public health system is overwhelmed with the increase in cases.

During the Friday news briefing, Whitmer went on to emphasize the importance of everyone needing to go “above and beyond the rules in place.”

Courtesy of @Breaking911.

Whitmer’s press secretary Bobby Leddy acknowledged that the screenshots were from Foster’s Facebook page, Breaking911 tweeted.

Screenshot courtesy of Whitmer’s Youtube video.

“We have to do this together. Lives depend on it, ” Whitmer said. “We’re going to have some tough weeks ahead. So I’m asking everyone — please, take this seriously.”

Written by Megan Turner

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  1. another example of disgusting white-liberal-hypocrisy. another example of “do as I say not as I do”. Everyday they show us exactly why we have to fight against wokeness. We will end up in an even more tyrannical version of China if we relinquish our lives to these woke scumbags

  2. We have to do this together. Lives depend on it. (Don’t worry Trish, you don’t need set any sort of example of leadership or empathy since you’re in my inner circle.). I’m sure the commoners in Michigan have a great appreciation for the seriousness of the virus. For the people of MI who reflexively vote for Whitmer and her cronies, stand up and cheer!

  3. The problem isn’t the hypocrisy of Whtimer and her staff. The problem is governors like Whitmer, Newsom, Cuomo, Pritzker, Murphy, and Wolf don’t really believe the coronavirus is as dangerous as their claims. They would be the first ones to be locked in their houses if they really believe the coronavirus was a death sentence. Whitmer proves again that it’s not about public health or public safety. It’s all about control and she’s not giving it up.

  4. Has anyone noticed the plastic sheen on whitmer’s face? a lot of the lady anchors on fox news have this sheen.

    did botox go on sale recently? do women know that men don’t find this attractive. in fact, its unattractive.

    are women trying to look more like Joe Obiden? 😳😒

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