Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Is Back, Still Doing Her Viral Warm Up Routine

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Michelle Jenneke is back. For those who don’t remember, she was the Australian hurdler who rose to internet fame several years ago with her pre-race warm up routine.

She had quite the run, turning a pre-race routine into a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot.

You’ll be happy to know that Jenneke didn’t just put several years of career-threatening injuries behind her, but that she is still doing her pre-race hip shaking routine.

The 29-year-old will be part of Australia’s 85 member team that is competing in the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. The games open tonight and run through August 8th.

Jenneke secured her spot on the team with two second place finishes in the 100 meter hurdles. One at the Music City Track Carnival in Nashville and the other at the Oceania Athletics Championships in Queensland.

Some would say, more importantly, Jenneke warmed up for those events with her over-the-top routine. I’m not necessarily saying that, I’m just pointing out what some might say about her return.

Michelle Jenneke’s pre-race warm up routine at the World Athletics Championships Photo Credit/Reuters

Jenneke said of her selection, “This one is special. To be back representing my country after a few years of injury is honestly pretty unbelievable.

“Huge thank you to my team who stuck with me during some tough moments and have made this season possible. Proud to be back in the green & gold at my 3rd Comm Games.”

This is a legendary comeback

I’m a big play-the-hits kind of guy. Think about it: if someone showed up to the track and saw Jenneke getting ready to race without doing the routine it might be a little disappointing.

Luckily, she knows what put her on the map and she didn’t want to let anyone down. She played the hits and not only did nobody leave the event disappointed, she made a few headlines as well.

It’s a win-win and those are hard to come by on the internet. This is how a whole new generation is being introduced to Jenneke. It’s also how they become familiar with — and captivated by — her routine.

I didn’t see this comeback coming at all. But I’m glad it’s here. I’ll be rooting for a strong pre-race routine and finish to her races.

Written by Sean Joseph


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