Michele Tafoya Says Dan Le Batard ‘Ambushed’ Her For Having Different Political Beliefs

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Sideline reporter turned conservative political advisor Michele Tafoya says Dan Le Batard “ambushed” her during a recent appearance on his podcast.

“I was invited onto a podcast recently and I was invited with this ‘We wanna talk about your great career and your new podcast. Is it okay if we talk to you for about 30 or 40 minutes?’” Tafoya told Fox News host Greg Gutfeld.

“It was someone I knew from my past,” Tafoya explains. “So I said, okay. Yeah, the second I got on, BAM, was ambushed with ‘You’re anti-CRT, You’re a racist. You cannot read the Florida law without it being a homopho — I mean, I was absolutely ambushed.”

Watching the clip below, Tafoya is correct in that Le Batard and his minions were far more focused on her political beliefs than her podcast, the proposed subject of her appearance.

Here is Le Batard, right away, asking Tafoya about her right-leaning views:

However, what did Tafoya expect? An ambush suggests she assumed Le Batard would stand by his word and not make the conversation about her politics. That was never in the cards.

During the discussion, Le Batard made Tafoya defend the Florida Parental Rights in Education law.

“I’ve read what you refer to as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill and nowhere in that bill does it say ‘Don’t Say Gay.’ I think we’re mislabeling that bill,” Tafoya said.

“Not everything has to be taught in school and a lot of this stuff can be taught at home. And if parents decide and vote in people that want to represent their notion that, ‘You know, I’d like to do this my way at home because we have our own social values.’”

That is all accurate, by the way.

Le Batard calls himself a moderate — he did again during this interview — and brands his show as an open platform for independent thinking. While that’s a solid marketing strategy, it’s also a lie.

The Dan Le Batard Show is the MSNBC of sports talk now that High Noon, SC6, Right Time with Bomani Jones on ESPN Radio, and Highly Questionable are all dead.

The show is a fun house of left-wing opinions. Le Batard routinely welcomes on progressive pundits like Jemele Hill, Bomani Jones and Howard Bryant to opine on social topics without an ounce of pushback. Le Batard even overlooks that Bryant abused his wife because he shares his political beliefs.

The only other conservative Le Batard has brought on in recent years is Fox News host Will Cain, who like Tafoya had to defend his right to think differently than the Le Batard staff.

So Tafoya should have known what she was getting herself into by going on this show. This program was never going to give Tafoya an honest interview.

Le Batard is not a curious mind. He’s a partisan and an opportunist. He saw Tafoya as an opportunity to score points with the Twitter bros. And that he did. 

This segment was far too predictable to be an “ambush.” 

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest media topics as well as trending sports, cultural and political stories.

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  1. The one producer guy trying to explain CRT and then opine on Florida laws is so awful (“cringe” as it were). That was 100% a 12 year old presenting a book report to the class for a book he obviously didn’t read. And the other dude constantly talking over her, putting words in her mouth, and using catchy terms to try and sound intelligent and informed? Ugh. This was a master class in how not to host an honest interview.

    • “CRT IsNt EvEn BeInG tAuGht” lol.. That’s the problem. These people can’t even provide a rigid definition and if they do they’ll go on and on telling you it has to meet X, Y, and Z, and that it’s a college level course. If you provide them an element stemming from that philosophy that’s being taught to kids they drop the it isn’t even being taught line. Nobody is arguing for elements of black history to be banned from textbooks. Parents just don’t want their kids being taught by activists. These people play dumb but there are plenty of receipts from school districts around the country instructing on privilege, implicit bias, etc. That’s not history, that’s ideology.

  2. Yo Michelle. Do your homework. LeBatard is a lying weasel … and proud of it. If you are going to go “into the Octagan” with lying weasels you better toughen up.
    No excuse for walking blind into that GOTCHA trap.

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