Michele Tafoya on Aaron Rodgers Triggering Woke Sports Media, NFL Hypocrisy: Tomi Lahren

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers explained more to Joe Rogan about the vaccine uproar in the media, and former NFL sideline reporter Michele Tafoya joined Tomi Lahren to discuss.

“Look, Aaron Rodgers has always been outspoken,” the host of “Sideline Sanity” said. “As you said, he’s different. He’s different in that he’s unafraid to speak his mind. I think that’s something that resonates with you and it resonates with a lot of people and this has been Aaron from the very beginning of his career in the NFL. That’s why he’s so interesting to talk to.”

Tafoya said while Rodgers is unafraid to speak his mind, she thinks he’s saying what a lot of people feel.

Tafoya told Tomi that she wasn’t allowed on the sidelines in 2020, despite being a sideline reporter.

“I was a sideline reporter from what they call the moat, which was the first row of seats in the stadium, because there were no fans in the stadium for the most part, with few exceptions,” she said. “So you had to do all you had to mask up. Even though we were outdoors, we had to mask up, we had to do our interviews from a distance, all of these rules.”

Michele Tafoya on Aaron Rodgers Triggering Woke Sports Media, NFL Hypocrisy
NBC “Sunday Night Football” sideline reporter Michele Tafoya speaks during a game on November 14, 2021, in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Tafoya said things changed slightly in 2021, though. She said you could be on the field for postgame interviews during the 2021 season, but with six feet of distance between from your subject.

“So we had to put this mike stand out there and I had my little mike and we were six feet apart. And and I said I asked the question. I said, ‘why is it is it going to look a little disingenuous to fans when you have all these players out there full contact breathing on each other, spitting, sweating?’ All of that goes on. And then you bring them over to a microphone six feet away from me to talk for 3 minutes,” she said.

“I just ask the question honestly and they said there was sort of a pause, and then it was this explanation of, well, there is evidence that if you spend a certain amount of time with this person and it was it was you know, certainly in retrospect, it was it was madness.”

Tafoya explained the facts and that we now that fully vaccinated, double boosted, people get COVID once, twice, three times.

“Why is this vaccine still considered the elixir that’s going that is a cure all?” she questioned. “It’s simply not. And, in fact, we have some stories of people being vaccinated now. So I think people got to get real curious about that.”

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