Michael Smith in Talks with NBC’s Peacock

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NBC’s Peacock is in talks with former ESPN personality Michael Smith, sources tell Outkick.

The discussions center around Smith hosting an afternoon show on the streaming service. 

Sources add Peacock could pair Smith with a co-host.

In addition, the Peacock sports hub will air ProFootballTalk Live, the Dan Patrick Show, and the Rich Eisen Show in order from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

In 2019, Michael Smith agreed to a buyout with ESPN on his four-year, $10 million contract. Yahoo first reported the contract details. 

Before his departure, ESPN moved Smith off SC6, which he had co-hosted with Jemele Hill, after a disastrous run of distracting headlines and low viewership.  

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  1. Expecting Michael Smith not to focus on race & identity politics is like expecting a circus clown not to wear a funny suit. It’s what he does. Perhaps NBC brass could tell him to lay off the divisive shtick. But do you really think woke NBC would do that?

    When he does stick to sports (media leftists hate that term), he can actually give some interesting takes. But the Peacock shed its feathers years ago. I may give it a watch, if only to confirm my expectations.

  2. ESPN used to groom talent just like Saturday night live groomed future comedians.

    Now create fake ‘personalities’ so other cable channels think, ‘hey he is hot, gotta give him millions for his opinion’.

    I have some rich cousins. They made their money in construction. Don’t ask what they can build, because they kinda can’t build anything from the ground up. But they are rich, so they must know what they are doing, right? Nah. Not really. Just like Mike Smith, Best Friend Of J Hill the Marxist.

  3. I actually kind of like Smith. I don’t agree with his politics, but his politics, at least to me, have not been exclusively his brand (ala Jamele Hill & Max Kellerman). Michael has a little Stu Scott in him. Will this be appointment TV/Radio? Hardly. Will I reflexively switch the channel if I listen? No.

  4. Bland as they come. Really. I mean Keith O. has benefited from the media dead talent era as much as anyone so I guess this guy gets another crack. I still am dumbfounded how bad the sports media is. I’m a 54 year old plastics guy and this talentless wasteland has me thinking of a career change, a side hobby at least. Think of those cashing checks on a regular basis discussing sports today. There are men (and women) in the can who are saying I only held up a bank. This break down of the Spurs Nuggets is truly criminal.

  5. I didn’t mind Smith while at ESPN. He wasn’t good but wasn’t awful either. Jemele Hill on the other hand was and still is a dumpster fire. Incapable of providing sports news without first bringing up that she’s African-American whilst simultaneously implicating it’s the reason everyone dislikes her. No, we just think you suck at providing sports news. Basically AOC’s twin

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