Michael Savage Disapproves of Rush Limbaugh’s Cancer Segment, Megyn Kelly KOs Him Hard

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Monday, Rush Limbaugh gave an emotional open to his show, informing the audience that his lung cancer has progressed and is now terminal. “It’s tough to realize that the days where I do not think I’m under a death sentence are over,” Limbaugh said.

Fans and industry peers alike responded with thoughts and prayers for the ailing icon, but not radio hack Michael Savage, who instead tweeted his disapproval of Limbaugh’s approach:

“Limbaugh’s crying about his cancer on air! Worst 15 minutes in radio history! Spilled a large coffee all over counter and floor. I PROMISE MY AUDIENCE THIS- I WILL NOT DRAG YOU DOWN WITH ME! Best wishes RUSH, but stop and leave the stage with dignity.

Twitter is often toxic and filled with low-level cancel culture participants. But every once in a while, it offers us something good. Such was the case when users came together and eviscerated Savage’s savagery.

No one dunked on him harder than Megyn Kelly.

Warning: Graphic destruction of a man embedded below.

Kelly’s latest Jon Snow-slaying follows her recent takedown of Mark Cuban, Will Cain’s annihilation of Dan Wolken, and Candace Owens’ first-round knockout of LeBron James. All are great and worth revisiting.

We at OutKick send our thoughts and prayers to Rush Limbaugh and his family.

We’re also glad to hear that Michael Savage is still around. We’d forgotten all about him.

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    • Exactly! Rush hadn’t given an update for weeks and he was inundated with requests about his progress. His fans appreciated the update and how real he was. He never makes the show about himself, but needed to let us know. Those of us who have listened for years, know Rush is like part of our family. I laugh with my wife that Rush is the longest relationship I’ve ever had (Married in 1994 and started listening to Rush in 1992). My dad introduced me to him and now my 29 year son listens.

      He wasn’t sure he’d make it to October. Here’s to hoping he makes it to many more Octobers!

  1. This election is what has kept Rush alive and as vigorous as he is right now…he has a purpose and something to live for, something to follow through with! Listeners consider Rush like family, and the reality is that hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of people spend more hours engaged with Limbaugh by listening than with their own families. You’re going to want to know how your family is doing, and I appreciate Rush’s candor about the state of his health. I realize that the gut-reaction is to attack Savage but honestly I feel sorry for him, to be that devoid of reason and respect is sad way to be.

  2. Props to Megyn. STFU to Savage needed to be said. I listen to Rush almost daily and can hardly imagine the number of requests he gets regarding a health update. His original diagnosis in February was two months to live if he did nothing. Rush is into his eight month of what he knew would be a hard fight. He’s often said how much he appreciates the constant volume of thoughts and prayers. He needs ours now more than ever.

  3. Yeah to learn that is a tough one we should all remember were human and try to be civil and kind even when we disagree seems hard for some folks these days just full of hate and anger tough way to live. I haven’t listened to Rush for a long time but he has been through some difficult stuff and i wish him and family best wishes and strength

  4. Lets get one thing straight Megyn Kelly is one of the smartest women ever to be in the media . History lesson on Kelly the first time she came to my attention was on a Fox cable show the O’Reilly Factor hosted by Bill O’Reilly .At that time O’Reilly had the biggest show on FOX he was considered the debate king . O’Reilly would have Kelly on to debate different issues of the day .Megyn Kelly would clean O’Reilly clock . It lead to her own show at FOX .I think it was the number one show on cable TV. I’m a Trump supporter when she ask Trump about call Rose O ‘Donald a pig she was do her job as journalist .But she was far She ask tough question of ever candidate .If she would have stay at Fox Megyn Kelly would be the number one show on all of FOX .Unlike Chris Wallace Fox news Sunday who hates Trump and did not ask Biden one hard question about BLM Antifa. The burning and the looting of American cities. Wallace is a biased liberal elite who can stand Trump vote you no us Walmart people. FOX put Wallace on Sundays and claim to be fair and balanced what a fucking joke. Pay Kelly what ever it take to get her back to FOX and get ride of Wallace maybe he can get a job at CNN. .And Kelly made a fool of MARK CUBAN and the NBA .
    Megyn Kelly with her intelligence superb vocabulary and broadcasting talent she is also a Beautiful Mother.

    • Kelly is indeed smart. She also proved to be unlikeable. NBC couldn’t pay people to watch her. But for fair, hard-hitting political interviews, she’s your woman. Chris Wallace is a complete tool; yes, he deserves to be on CNN… where nobody will ever see him.

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