Michael Bisping Chokes Out Steve-O

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UFC fan and “Jackass” legend Steve-O now knows what it feels like to get choked out by a real pro.

After Saturday’s UFC 73, Johnny Knoxville’s sidekick stuntman got in the cage with Michael Bisping, who had a 30-9 UFC career record, which means he knows how to make a stuntman sleep. As you can see in a video of the incident, Steve-O still knows, after all these years, how to create a viral moment that the Internet will watch.

Let’s see how this goes for the 48-year-old legend of the industry. Take notes, pretenders. This is a real social media stuntman:

Bisping applies the choke. Steve-O loses air and it’s night-night time.

“Oh s–t!” Steve-O said after going to the mat for a couple of seconds.

“You crazy bastard. Are you okay?!” Bisping fires back at the wild man. Yes, Steve-O was fine and this will now do clicks, but let’s be honest, the guy has been much closer to death over this illustrious career.

In 2019, Steve-O sat down for an interview with Graham Bensinger and shared his top near-death experience.

“The closest I’ve ever come to death, like actual death, I think was scuba diving. We were somewhere, I can’t remember what part of the world maybe… I don’t know, we were some part of the world,” he explained.

“We were getting ready to scuba dive with sharks. I heard them say the sharks were at the bottom so I just go to the bottom… and I keep going to the bottom.

“I don’t know if I was coming up or down but at one point someone grabs my fin and I don’t know what’s going on. When we get up they’re screaming at me, ‘You motherf–ker, you almost died and I almost died trying to save you.’

“It was because I was doing it wrong. I was like, ‘Dude, they said the sharks were at the bottom,’ so yeah, it’s f–ked up.

“And I continue to be able to scuba dive like I don’t know if I’m in the system but yeah, I continue to be able to scuba dive and I should not.”

In other words, Saturday night in that UFC octagon was nothing. Just another night of life.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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