Micah Parsons Weighs In On Saquon Barkley Contract: ‘That MF Is That Offense! Pay Him!’

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Micah Parsons thinks a team’s best players should get paid accordingly. So much so, he’s advocating for a division rival.

On Thursday, the Cowboys linebacker snapped back at a Twitter user who suggested New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley was losing steam near the end of the 2022 season. The random hater pointed out Barkley had 931 rushing yards in the first nine games, but only 359 in the last eight.

“He was wearing down and not as effective in the final half of the season. No ‘weird sh-it’ just facts,” he tweeted.

But Parsons wasn’t having it.

“I mean yeah that’s what happens when you the best players on your team you idiot!!” Parsons tweeted. “The scheme on Monday morning is we (will) not let SAQUON BARKLEY BEAT US!! People think we be out here playing free for all!! like gtfo! That mf is that offense! Pay him!”

Barkley has yet to sign a new contract, and he can’t participate in the Giants’ offseason program until he does.

The team and Barkley have until July 15 to work out a contract or Barkley will have to play under the franchise tag, according to ESPN. That would pay him just over $10 million for 2023.

According to multiple reports, Saquon Barkley wants “at least” $14 million per year on a multi-year deal. But the Giants haven’t offered more than $12 million per season.

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But as Parsons pointed out, Barkley “is that offense.”

Drafted by the New York Giants in 2018, Barkley was the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Since then, he’s made the Pro Bowl twice and remains an integral part of the Giants offense.

His age isn’t doing him any favors, though. He enters the 2023 season at 26 years old. A four-year contract takes him to age 30. And the reality is, that’s pretty old for a running back.

But that’s exactly why he wants to cash in now.

And fellow Penn State alum Micah Parsons understands.

Parsons is only 23 years old. But back in January, the two-time Pro Bowler acknowledged the short career of an NFL player.

“I’m not gonna be young forever. I already realize that,” he said. “I want to win while I’ve got this chance.”

Barkley simply wants to make his money while he has the chance. We’ll see how it plays out for him.

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