BUTT PUNT! Dolphins Punter Kicks Ball Directly Off Of Teammate’s Rear And Out Of The End Zone For Epic Fail Safety

We all remember where we were when Mark Sanchez committed the infamous ‘Butt Fumble,’ but we shall not soon forget where we were during the Dolphins ‘Butt Punt.’ It took place in Miami on Sunday and it could not have been funnier.

With a four-point lead with under two minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Dolphins lined up to kick it away on 4th-and-11 from their own end zone. What happened next was an epic fail.

Miami introduced ‘The Butt Punt.’

The ball was snapped to punter Thomas Morstead, but the Bills brought the rush and the protection quickly collapsed. There wasn’t much room to work with anyway, so it only got tighter as the Miami special teams unit closed in on itself.

With no time to get the punt off, Morstead rushed his approach and booted it away in a hurried panic. The ball traveled less than a yard before hitting wide receiver Trent Sherfield directly in the butt.

Because of angles and physics, or something like that, the kick immediately ricocheted off of Sherfield’s gluteus maximus and went SAILING out of the back of the end zone. It resulted in a safety and cut the Dolphins lead to just two.

Take a look:

Fortunately for Morstead, Sherfield and Miami, it could have ended in a complete disaster. The ball could have flown straight up into the air and landed in play, allowing Buffalo to recover for a touchdown. That would have been worst case scenario.

Instead, it was just a safety.

However, the mishap took a four-point lead to a two-point lead which gave the Bills the ball back with a chance to win on a field goal. It was a disaster, but the Dolphins held on to win.

Although the crisis was adverted, that does not mean we can forget the hilarity of what will henceforth be known as ‘The Butt Punt.’

Written by Grayson Weir

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