Details Emerge From Miami International Airport Fight

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We’re starting to learn some details from the fights that broke out Sunday at Miami International that featured some of America’s finest dropping the gloves and scrapping right there in the terminal. One of the biggest shockers in this one is that the brawlers were heading to Chicago. I know, you’re completely shocked, right?

The other big surprise is that this happened in the American Airlines terminal and not at a Spirit Airlines gate. reports, via a police report, the fight started over seat availability on the flight, specifically over three standby seats that were available for a group of four.

“Police said, for unknown reasons, the group began to fight with three other people who were also at the counter,” Local10 reported.

By the time the fists stopped flying and the dust settled, Miami police arrested 20-year-old Jameel Tremain Decquir for disorderly conduct, but the fight victims didn’t want to press charges. Three others remain on the run.

Miami airport fight Jameel Tremain Decquir
Jameel Tremain Decquir / Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation



Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. “Police said for unknown reasons the group began to fight with three other people who were also at the counter,”

    It’s always systemic racism and white supremacy. It probably never has anything to do with broken families, abortion, and growing up with abuse from people with the same skin color.

    Ever notice their fight styles are all the same…multiple packs, flaling arms, kicks on the ground, jeans barely hanging onto their backside.

  2. Two things jump out: the girl in the checked shirt not lifting a finger to help (but moving around to getting angle on her instagram video). Would hate to have her in my foxhole when real bullets start flying. And of course the ultimate irony is the “Urban Decay” sign in the background. That about sums it up.

  3. Oh, it has been a minute since me and all my friends, on a flight to somewhere special, would brawl right there in the airport. Why, I remember as if it were yesterday grabbing a handful of Chad’s hair and pulling it out by the roots while my other friend Dennis filmed us as we flailed away. Sometimes Kevin would lash out a kick, at whom it never really mattered, so long as it connected with a satisfying “THUD”. Of course my pants often slid down during the fray and I would show my ass, but hey, who on this board hasn’t done exactly the same?

    • Ahhhhh pepper spray. That takes me back to my youth. That burning, choking sensation. Gasping on the ground, thinking the air might be cooler, but the heat is all in my lungs. Every pour on my face instantly gushing either sweat or tears. (Memories….)

  4. I bet Joy Reid is getting her take ready for this evening: just like stabbing other people is a favored past time and cops should stay out of it; these kind of fights are just a way of bonding and its ok no one should worry or condemn. The real assholes are the folks just standing around watching and (i) doing nothing to break up the fight or (ii) finding security/cops. Damn we are a society of cowards and assholes who only care about themselves.

  5. It is obviously whitey’s fault. Where did this happen? An airport, right? Come on people, doesn’t everyone know that infrastructure is racist? Ergo the airport was being used by whites to channel their racism and to force these poor victimized blacks into fight….queue statement from LeBron in five, four, three…

    On a slightly more serious note, one thing that is a little weird to me is that it takes security that long to show up…in an airport? Sure, the bystanders are pretty cowardly and lame, but we’ve come to expect that in a coronavirus-frightened world. But, I guess I sort of assume that airport security is watching what’s going on their security cameras like a hawk and that airports are crawling with various uniformed and ununiformed security ready to respond to a threat at a moment’s notice. But watching this, now I’m not so sure. Makes you wonder what else they aren’t on top of.

    • Just out of curiousity…what do you expect those bystanders to do in that situation? If I saw a group of 13 percenters doing their flaling arm punches and kicks on the ground to each other…why would I want to involve myself in that situation? Shoot Aaron Donald did something to stop a fight and the guy who got beat up tried to sue him.

      • If the reports are correct, this was a clear case of people being attacked for no good reason by thugs. Bystanders were way more numerous than the couple of scumbags who were basically threatening the lives of people. Sure, if this was two groups of fools, let them fight it out. But it wasn’t. One group of people starting attacking others. Bystanders, in such a case, should rise and be on the side of the attacked. If you don’t, then who will stand by you some day…and why?

        Sure, some are girls, or small or old men. But from the video, clearly there were enough big dudes who could have coordinated and grabbed the assaulters from behind and stopped the attack. If the assaulted had died, how would you have justified this? What, exactly, separates letting it go from anyone else seeing any other evil?

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