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Pulltown, USA sure didn’t disappoint

Let’s just say my calendar is officially circled for the National Tractor Pullers Association Championship going forward in life, especially if Mother Nature is going to dial up a Friday night like we just experienced in Bowling Green, Ohio. It was just that perfect level of hot where the Busch Lights go down perfectly as John Deeres and Cases and Chevy trucks pull in front of what felt like 25,000 people at the Wood County Fairgrounds.

Let me get right into the experience:

  1. I’ll start by saying this event was made for the Screencaps community. It’s county fair, meets NASCAR, meets college football Saturdays, with a hint of a high school bonfire thrown in. The tractors, muscle trucks, sleeveless shirts, sweat, dirt, and smoke reminded me of rolling south on Johnsville-Brookville Rd. into New Lebanon to suck down summer beers with buddies, who dabbled in farming & muscle trucks, 25 years ago.
  2. $23 gets an adult through the gates; kids under 10 are free; beer coolers of reasonable size are allowed; backpack coolers are officially the cooler of the summer; lawn chairs are allowed; you could pretty much bring in a tailgate setup
  3. The fire department sells 12-packs, cases, and 30-racks of Busch Light out of refrigerated trailers if you run out. $18 for a 12-pack.
  4. $6 for the ‘Thick’ milkshakes at the Wood County 4H concession stand were a hit
  5. $10 parking at the gates
  6. Plenty of vendors selling corn dogs. They were hot. I’m talking literally HOT.
  7. The action was non-stop for three hours when my son and I finally left BG. We parked at my buddy Chris B.’s house a mile away and those tractors sounded like they were in his backyard at 10 p.m. It sounds like jets taking off.
  8. The noise in the east end zone wasn’t bad at all. Now, if you’re at the 50-yard line on the north or south sides where the beasts are doing their work, you better have double layers of sound protection.
  9. The place was packed. Another thousand spectators and the stands would’ve been completely filled.
  10. I can’t say enough good things about the content out of Pulltown. I need to attend without my 9-year-old to really do some deep investigating because this place is LOADED with content. It’s everywhere.
  11. The announcers are awesome. It’s like listening to Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit do their thing.
  12. The track announcers chatted with an old timer who had attended 53 straight Pulltown events; the gentleman out of Maria Stein, OH had attended all of those events with his wife who couldn’t make it this year. What a run for both of them. You could hear the pride in the gentleman’s voice as he spoke about his life around the tractor pull.
  13. When you hear “Fullllllll Pullllllll” that’s your queue to go nuts like a team just scored a touchdown
  14. The two guys sitting on a bench in front of the Wood County Democrats’ building swear they’re not Kamala fans. We asked.
  15. Relax lib libs, you can attend the tractor pull and have fun. Sit there and respect the horsepower.

Conclusion: Next year I need to get into the belly of the beast. I feel like the parking lots have some excellent pregaming that I need to see. Based on the level of tore up that I saw, there had to be some high-level tailgating across the street from the fairgrounds.

I’ll be back.

Next up: Wren, OH Wiffleball Tournament. It’s time to hit the road. I’m told Screencaps reader Brent P. in Carmel, IN will be there. Let’s go have an incredible Saturday.

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