Mexican Soccer Fans Beat The Crap Out Of Each Other During Match Against U.S.

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What a night it was for Mexican soccer fans in Las Vegas.

You’d think the Mexican supporters would be jubilant over the news Modelo is now at the top of the beer mountain in the United States. Instead, the Mexican supporters threw punches at each other — and the players on the field — as multiple fights broke out at Allegiant Stadium during a CONCACAF Nations League semifinal match that ended early due to homophobic chants.

The U.S. won 3-0, but the Mexicans definitely won the content game off the pitch.

We’re talking Las Vegas Raiders-like fan-on-fan violence in the stands. We’re talking Rams fans fighting Chargers fans. We’re talking Eagles fans fighting Giants fans. We’re talking fights everywhere at Allegiant.

Let’s go to the action:

Telemundo reporter Gregory Jaimes tweeted Thursday night that the Las Vegas Metro Police had to deploy its riot squad to deal with the madness.

Fans report a lack of security was definitely an issue.

“Can confirm a surprising lack of security inside and outside, especially with how prepared the facility is for @Raiders games. A @Concacaf rivalry game between USA v Mexico was always going to involve emotions. You add Vegas, and summer heat to get the beer flowing,” one fan tweeted after the match.

The evidence is in the videos. Mexican supporters had themselves a night.

Now imagine the headlines if those were Team USA fans fighting like that. Or football fans.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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