Mexican Restaurant Selling Tortillas With OnlyFans Model Karely Ruiz On Them

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Has the OnlyFans craze gone too far or not far enough? We already have people from all walks of life making content and cashing in on the exclusive content platform. Now we have one of the platform’s more successful models showing up on a restaurant’s menu.

It’s unclear if either points are an argument that the craze has gone too far or not far enough. What is clear is that putting an image of an OnlyFans model on your food is a good marketing strategy. The restaurant Tortilleria Ruby, located in San Andres Tuxtla, has put an image of Karely Ruiz on their tortillas.

Mexican Restaurant Selling Tortillas With OnlyFans Model Karely Ruiz On Them
Restaurant puts OnlyFans model’s image on tortillas (Image Credit: Karely Ruiz/Instagram)

Ruiz, 22, is one of Mexico’s most recognizable OnlyFans models. The tortillas are selling for 15 pesos ($.77) for 10 of them. The restaurant had an interesting way of announcing the new menu item.

In a Facebook post to their 43,000 plus followers the restaurant said it has the solution for husbands who won’t eat. The post features a picture of Ruiz and one of the tortillas.

It reads, “If your husband is disheartened and doesn’t want to eat, at TortillerĂ­a Ruby we have the solution: take him Karely Ruiz’s tortillas so he can show off that he ate this pretty girl several times.”

You won’t see an advertisement like that in a lot of places. There are several follow-ups to the original post which appeared on Dec. 21. It seems to indicate that the Ruiz tortillas are doing well with Tortilleria Ruby’s customers.

Ruiz got in on the fun with a Facebook post of her own about the tortillas. She asked her more than 2.8 million followers on the social media platform, “Would you eat me?”

Mexican Restaurant Selling Tortillas With OnlyFans Model Karely Ruiz On Them

Is This The Start Of A New Food Fad?

Putting an OnlyFans model with millions of followers across multiple social media platforms on your menu and then having her share that menu item with her followers has to be good for business.

Whether society continues down this path and models start appearing on slices of bread at the grocery store is yet to be seen. That might be the point when the OnlyFans craze has gone too far.

Although, there’s a good case to be made that if teachers are getting fired for doing it in the classroom then the craze has already gone too far. That might be true, but I’d like to see how many menus OnlyFans models appear on before something else replaces it.

Written by Sean Joseph

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