Mel Tucker Reportedly Pulls Scummy Move Involving $100,000

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Michigan State football coach Mel Tucker reportedly took a big bonus that could have been split among assistants.

The Spartans are currently 5-6, and the program has been consumed by chaos. Not only is the play on the field terrible, but multiple players were also charged for the tunnel beatdown against Michigan.

Things aren’t going well at all in East Lansing.

Well, Mel Tucker apparently thinks he’s doing an outstanding job, judging how he reportedly handled receiving a $100,000 bonus.

USA Today reported Tucker received a $100,000 that could have been shared with staffers. However, Tucker received every penny of the $100,000 bonus, according to the report.

Tucker and the football program are due a $100,000 annual bonus as part of his 10-year, $95 million contract. The money can be “allocated among Tucker, his assistant coaches and the program’s other staff members.” However, Tucker clearly thinks he’s done such a bang up job with the 5-6 Spartans that he reportedly didn’t share a single penny of the bonus this season.

Mel Tucker reportedly pockets $100,000 bonus. The money could have been split among staffers. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

This is a really bad look for Mel Tucker.

Just to be clear, Tucker’s annual salary over the length of his outrageous contract is $9.5 million. He’s one of the highest paid coaches in all of sports, despite having a career coaching record of 23-20 and an 18-13 record with the Spartans. If you take away the 2021 season when he had the best RB in America, Tucker is 7-11 at Michigan State. Yet, he’s paid like he’s Nick Saban.

Then, when given a $100,000 bonus for the program, he reportedly pocketed the entire thing. That seems like a great way for your staffers to absolutely hate working for you.

The program is down bad, and instead of spreading the money around, he allegedly took the full $100,000 for himself. Seeing as how the team is terrible, he’s probably the last person who should accept a bonus.

Mel Tucker reportedly keeps $100,000 bonus for himself. (Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images)

As I’ve said before, I hope Michigan State fans truly love Tucker because he’s not going anywhere. He’s in East Lansing for the long haul, no matter how ridiculous the program gets.

Written by David Hookstead

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  1. As an old Sparty, all I can say is it makes me sick. The contract offered to him was way too much, way too early. Minus Kenneth Walker III (who, let’s give credit, was attracted to transfer over to play for Mel Tucker), he would not have had the minimal success he had. MSU is stuck with this dying program and a massive payout now. Dantonio started the downfall. Tucker is shoveling the dirt on it.

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