ESPN Praises Megan Rapinoe For Her ‘Patriotism,’ Says She ‘Loved America’ In Absurd SportsCenter Tribute Following USWNT’s World Cup Exit

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ESPN has praised every move made and every word said by Megan Rapinoe for close to a decade now, so by no means did it come as a surprise that the network ran a lengthy tribute video highlighting her career on SportsCenter as her time with the USWNT comes to a close following the team’s loss to Sweden.

Instead of focusing on Rapinoe’s many accomplishments on the field, of which there are plenty, ESPN couldn’t help but make politics the center of attention. Not only did the network bring politics into the mix, it delivered them in its typical left-leaning way.

In other words, ESPN pushed a version of a make-believe reality that only its liberal audience will agree with, while the rest of the country will recognize it for what it is, which is a lie.

Rapinoe’s fiancée, Sue Bird, narrates the video and highlight’s Rapinoe’s “patriotism” throughout her career while claiming that she knelt during the National Anthem “because she loved America.”

TSN shared the tribute video to YouTube, but it also aired during Monday morning’s edition of SportsCenter in the States.

Nobody that loves America kneels for the playing of the National Anthem. Americans living in reality understand this, but Bird, Rapinoe, many members of the USWNT, don’t subscribe to reality.


Bird saying that “the people who don’t know her criticize her, but everyone who does know her loves her” proves that exact point. Megan Rapinoe’s friends and family, let’s say roughly 50 people love her, and the other 330 million Americans who don’t are all wrong for criticizing her?

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

This is just the latest example of ESPN not having the ability to separate politics from sport, but the network was left with no choice on this occasion given that Rapinoe has spent the final years of her career padding her bank account as a political activist more so than being a soccer player.

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  1. ESPN used to build up sports, enhance the various leagues and sports and focus on the competition. Now they are ruining it in the eyes of many. I used to just turn on ESPN and watch whatever was on. Now, I won’t even watch some of their college sports that I might have interest in, especially if any other option (Fox, FS1, CBSSN) has a different game on. The rest of their day is full of woke garbage spouted by people dumber than the average person who blames all failures on straight white males. Disgusting.

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